How do I install a third party keyboard on my iPhone?

Apple opened the door for third-party keyboards on iOS devices with the release of iOS 8.0. iPod touch, iPhone and iPad owners can now download third-party keyboards as applications from the Apple App Store. Once installed users must enable the third-party keyboard on their device in the Settings app. Here's how:

1. Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards
2. Tap the "Add New Keyboard..." tab
3. Select the newly downloaded third-party keyboard
4. Tap the "Allow Full Access" slider


Master the iOS shift key with ShiftCycle

ShiftCycle caps

Selecting text and changing the capitalization of individual letters can be a time consuming process. Even with a tweak such as SwipeSelection installed, there's just no easy way to change everything at once. ShiftCycle seeks to make this process easier, offering shift key shortcuts to quickly modify a block of text.


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