How to Hide Keystrokes on the iPhone

The iPhone typically registers a keystroke by providing a sound effect and popping up the key pressed. This zooming animation confirms the right key was entered, by providing a visual cue. While the keyboard clicks can be silenced under Settings -> Sounds, turning off the animations requires a jailbreak tweak.


NoKeyPop brings this functionality to the iPhone, by removing the zoomed in key preview entirely. This means when keys are entered they do not react. For hiding keystrokes from potential spies this can be an important tool. Having keystrokes highlighted when entering a password, for example is not ideal.

How do I disable predictive keyboard / word suggestion in iOS 8?

The QuickType‎ keyboard in iOS 8 promises to be Apple's "smartest keyboard ever," but its Predictive word suggestion feature can be distracting to iPhone owners who are not used to using it. Luckily there is an option to disable the feature if you do not like it. Here's how:

iOS 8 Predictive Keyboard

To disable Apple's Predictive QuickType Keyboard option navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard. Tap the "Predictive" slider so it turns white / OFF.

Add Custom Keyboard Shortcuts to iOS with SwipeExpander

The beta version of SwipeExpander provides an easy way to add powerful new shortcuts to the iOS keyboard for those with jailbroken devices. Not only can a swipe up or down on individual keys paste text, but 11 additional actions can be performed.

iOS 7 jailbreak Swipe Expander

Once installed, the settings area consists of some aesthetic options and the keyboard customization section. Shortcut names can be displayed directly on the assigned keyboard keys if desired, with options for opacity, size and position. The real meat of the tweak is under Edit Keys.

Add This Email Shortcut to iOS with TapTheAt

Keyboard shortcuts are a useful part of iOS, helping to speed up commonly typed phrases and words. TapTheAt is a jailbreak tweak that complements this functionality, providing an exclusive shortcut for entering one's email address. Besides saving time, this free tweak's simplicity is appealing.

iOS 7 jailbreak

Once installed, navigating to Settings -> TapTheAt provides a toggle to enable or disable the tweak. When enabled, whatever address is plugged into the email field will automatically populate when the @ symbol gets a long press.

Flip-Out Case Adds Physical Keyboard to iPhone

With the appropriately geeky tag line, "Take THAT BlackBerry!" the shopping website ThinkGeek has announced a flip-out physical keyboard accessory for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The TK-421 iPhone case comes complete with a rotating hinge and its own built-in Bluetooth mini-keyboard.

thinkgeek iphone flip-out keyboard tk-421

The TK-421 is no iTwinge, but it does have a similarly odd name. The keyboard has its own USB-rechargeable battery and works with any application that already uses the on-screen keyboard. The product provides protection for the sides and back of the iPhone just like a case.


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