Master the iOS shift key with ShiftCycle

ShiftCycle caps

Selecting text and changing the capitalization of individual letters can be a time consuming process. Even with a tweak such as SwipeSelection installed, there's just no easy way to change everything at once. ShiftCycle seeks to make this process easier, offering shift key shortcuts to quickly modify a block of text.

Improve the iOS keyboard with two free mods

TripleSpace shortcut iOS

The iOS keyboard is ubiquitous, so inevitably there are pitfalls that can't be avoided. Most of these annoyances can be customized or changed thanks to third-party keyboards entering the scene. Other tweaks such as SwipeSelection make life easier, but are only available via Cydia on jailbroken devices. Two such mods were recently released on Cydia, which can improve the typing experience on jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices.

Add Color to Keystrokes on the iPhone

iOS 8 colored keyboard

There are many ways to customize the iPhone keyboard. Besides some of the best third-party keyboards from the app store, jailbreaking brings a variety of additional options. Keyboard tweaks such as Bloard and ColorfulKBD Pro are some that focus on color.

Now PrismBoard offers a new option. Once installed, PrismBoard enhances the keystroke pop-ups when keys are pressed on the iPhone. As opposed to NoKeyPop, which hides the keystrokes entirely, PrismBoard highlights these oversized letters when keys are engaged.

How to Get Word Cursor Animation on the iOS Keyboard

iOS 8 cursor animation

SmoothCursor is a jailbreak tweak that adds a smooth animation to the iOS keyboard cursor. Normally typing characters results in the cursor jumping to the front of the line at all times. Users of Microsoft Word 2013 have already been introduced to a smooth cursor animation, which changes the traditional cursor behavior.

Now fans of this animation can add the feature to iOS with SmoothCursor. Once installed, there are no settings or options to configure. The cursor will appear to smoothly drift across the line while typing in any app.

How to Hide Keystrokes on the iPhone

The iPhone typically registers a keystroke by providing a sound effect and popping up the key pressed. This zooming animation confirms the right key was entered, by providing a visual cue. While the keyboard clicks can be silenced under Settings -> Sounds, turning off the animations requires a jailbreak tweak.


NoKeyPop brings this functionality to the iPhone, by removing the zoomed in key preview entirely. This means when keys are entered they do not react. For hiding keystrokes from potential spies this can be an important tool. Having keystrokes highlighted when entering a password, for example is not ideal.


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