Users report new auto-correct bug in iOS 11

iPhone owners are experiencing another glitch in the iOS keyboard. Auto-correct has been taking the word "it" and writing "I. T" in various apps. Similarly, some users have reported the word "is" gets transformed to "I. S" automatically. These suggestions appear in the predictive text, however even when these suggestions are ignored the change gets made.

Update to iOS 11.1.1 to fix these iPhone problems

iOS 11.1.1 update

The latest update to iOS dropped last week, with Apple releasing iOS 11.1.1 to the general public. While the update is minor, for some iPhone owners the install takes on greater importance. The main problem, which is fixed by iOS 11.1.1 revolves around the keyboard and auto-correct. On some devices, iOS users can't type the letter "i" at all. The keyboard automatically replaces "i" with a strange character, sometimes appearing as an "A" followed by a question mark symbol.

Apple showcases new emoji coming to iOS 11

Apple emoji preview 2017

Apple has announced it will add new emoji characters across Apple devices later this year. While many iPhone users may not be aware of World Emoji Day, Apple marked the occasion on July 17 by highlighting some new emoji coming to iOS, macOS and watchOS in the fall. The company is also showcasing fun emoji apps on the App Store and replacing some movie titles on iTunes with emoji.

How do I put my iPhone keyboard into one-hand mode?

The iPhone already offers a one-handed mode that crunches the screen vertically, which is especially helpful for those with Plus size models. iOS 11 adds another dimension by letting you squish the keyboard horizontally, making the far side of the screen more reachable for when you only have one hand available for typing. To activate it, simply long press the emoji icon, then select which side you want the keyboard to move to. The keyboard will remain this way anywhere it is used until you tap the arrow on the side to bring it back to center.


How to create text shortcuts on iPhone

How to create and use text shortcuts on iPhone.

If you often find yourself typing in the same long phrase, name, URL, etc. while texting or emailing from your iPhone, iOS has a great tool that allows you to get around this called "Text Replacement." The feature has been available since iOS 5 and starts out with one default example - typing "omw" will bring up the option to replace it with "On my way!" So if you are constantly asking work colleagues when you can expect their TPS reports, now can create your own shortcut, "tps," to ask the full question, instead of typing it out every time.


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