How to create text shortcuts on iPhone

How to create and use text shortcuts on iPhone.

If you often find yourself typing in the same long phrase, name, URL, etc. while texting or emailing from your iPhone, iOS has a great tool that allows you to get around this called "Text Replacement." The feature has been available since iOS 5 and starts out with one default example - typing "omw" will bring up the option to replace it with "On my way!" So if you are constantly asking work colleagues when you can expect their TPS reports, now can create your own shortcut, "tps," to ask the full question, instead of typing it out every time.

How do I install a third party keyboard on my iPhone?

Apple opened the door for third-party keyboards on iOS devices with the release of iOS 8.0. iPod touch, iPhone and iPad owners can now download third-party keyboards as applications from the Apple App Store. Once installed users must enable the third-party keyboard on their device in the Settings app. Here's how:

1. Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards
2. Tap the "Add New Keyboard..." tab
3. Select the newly downloaded third-party keyboard
4. Tap the "Allow Full Access" slider



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