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Apple Patents Point to Liquidmetal in Future Products

The SIM card ejector tool is no longer shipped with new iPhones, however this small accessory made big headlines thanks to its composition. The tool was made of Liquidmetal, an amorphous metal alloy. These metals can be molded into thin, unique shapes while retaining incredible strength and durability, which could be perfect for mobile devices.

Apple liquidmetal SIM ejector

Liquidmetal Technologies inked an exclusive deal with Apple a few years ago, and now it looks like their work is bearing fruit. Patently Apple details five patents involving Liquidmetal, proving Apple is moving closer to manufacturing with this material. Two of the technically complex patents revolve around using Liquidmetal in a 3D printing process to create parts.

iPhone 5 to Feature Liquid Metal? doesn't have a perfect track record when it comes to Apple predictions, but they have dusted off a previous iPhone 5 rumor started by the Business Insider in November of last year. According to the Korean publication, Apple is using “liquid metal” technology to build their next-generation iPhone. Apple acquired this technology from Liquidmetal Technologies’ in August of 2010.

iPhone 5 Liquid Metal

"According to industry sources, the next flagship phones of the companies are expected to adopt unprecedented materials for their main bodies, that is, ceramic for the Galaxy S3 and liquid metal for iPhone 5, both being thin, light and highly resistant to external impacts. The new phase of the rivalry is because neither one of them can get a decisive edge over the other solely with its OS and AP specifications, features or design."

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