Apple Improving iPhone Water Damage Sensors?

Hoping for a waterproof iPhone 5 later this summer? A recent patent uncovered by AppleInsider could mean that Apple is throwing cold water on the concept. New immersion detection sensors are described that would more accurately determine when a device was damaged by water.

Apple patent immersion indicator

Current Liquid Submersion Indicators found on Apple products simply turn red after they come into contact with water. This has caused problems as even a high level of humidity can sometimes trigger the indicator to turn a different color. The patent describes an improved method that would use water-soluble glue.

iPhone 5 Could be Waterproof Thanks to Liquipel

Apple plans to use Liquipel technology on the next generation iPhone, making the iPhone 5 immune to problems resulting from exposure to water. The waterproof iPhone 5 would be treated internally with a thin layer of Liquipel's material that prevents water molecules from ever contacting sensitive electronic components.

Liquipel waterproof iphone

The news that Apple plans to utilize this technology comes from a source in the UK phone retail industry, who stated that wording for insurance documents will be changed to accomodate the waterproofed iPhone 5. Liquipel's technology was demoed at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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