Microsoft Updates Bing Mobile for iPhone Browsers

Bing has further improved its mobile search tools thanks to better HTML5 support and some other refinements. The new version is available using mobile web browsers on both iOS and Android platforms. Microsoft's own Windows Phone 7 will have to wait until the Mango update later this year, which will add HTML5 compatibility.

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In a bonus for iPhone users, searches will now automatically show relevant App Store applications in addition to normal results. Microsoft previously added an iPhone apps tab to its visual search on desktop web browsers. Top apps can be browsed by category or organized by search criteria.

Microsoft Bing Search Coming to iPhone 4?

Rumors have resurfaced of ongoing negotiations between Microsoft and Apple involving the addition of Bing to the next generation iPhone. iPhone OS 4.0 could see Bing as an option next to Google and Yahoo if the talks are successful.

apple iphone microsoft bing

Initial reports from TechCrunch claimed that a deal was in place, however now it sounds like this is not the case. In January, Business Week reported that Apple could replace Google with Bing as the default search engine. According to TechCrunch, the purpose of these latest discussions is not to replace Google.

Will Bing Replace Google iPhone Search?

All eyes are on the relationship between Apple and Google as the companies continue to encroach on each other's territory. Now Business Week reports that negotiations between Microsoft and Apple have been taking place for weeks. The subject of the conversation: replacing Google with Bing as the default search engine on the iPhone.

This development comes as Google pioneers its own phones and the Android mobile OS to compete with Apple's iPhone. For its part, Apple is working behind the scenes to develop its own mapping and mobile advertising business.

Xbox Live iPhone App: 360 Live

360 Live has hit the App Store and brings full Xbox Live account controls to the iPhone. The application allows you to sign in securely using your gamertag and manage almost everything.

iphone app 360 live

The app automatically retrieves your friends' Xbox Live stats in real time including their avatars, gamerscore and online status. You can send and receive messages right on your iPhone.

Microsoft Silverlight Coming to iPhone

Microsoft is adding iPhone compatibility to Silverlight and has already demonstrated the technology. No modifications to Safari are necessary, as the software will send video in an iPhone-compatible H.264 stream just like YouTube and other streaming sites do currently.

Content providers will have the option of making their Silverlight streaming video iPhone-compatible now that Microsoft has added the feature on the server side.


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