iOS App of the Week: Apple's Clips

Apple Clips

Before I ever owned an iOS device I knew how to use one. I instantly knew how to navigate my first iPhone from simply seeing my friends with their devices and by watching Apple commercials. Apple's easy to use UI and apps are what helped the iPhone and iPad become the most popular mobile devices available today. Unfortunately there is no sign of that innovation in Apple's newest app Clips. Like Facebook and others, Apple has tried to copy the huge success of Snapchat by releasing an easy to use video creation tool, and it's a bit confusing at first glance.

iOS App of the Week: Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville is basically a remake of the original free-to-play zombie survival game from developer Sarah Northway. Being a remake means that Gangs of Deadsville is similar to the original but a lot bigger and badder. The iOS version features better graphics and more features, such as the ability to hunt for food, and being able assign survivors to defend individual buildings instead having them just guard the entire town. Fans of the original will definitely want to check out this version as it offers a deeper and more challenging experience. Gangs of Deadsville is more like Rebuild v.3.0 instead of a sequel.

iOS 9 to bring Force Touch to iPhone 6s and multitasking to next-generation iPad

Apple Watch Force Touch

There have been a lot of iOS 9 leaks over the last few days. So far we have learned that the new iOS will allegedly support older devices such as the iPhone 4s, add a new "Home" app for HomeKit intergration and finally bring transit directions to the Maps app. 9to5Mac sources have also confirmed today that the rumored iPhone 6s will feature the same Force Touch technology as the Apple Watch, MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: Midnight Star and More

The highly anticipated sci-fi shooter Midnight Star is now available for iOS devices. The game was created by an all star team of developers including Alex Seropian, the co-founder of Bungie. The story was written by science fiction author John Scalzi (Old Man's War) and his tie-in graphic novel is now available for free (first chapter) on the App Store.

Midnight Star Synopsis

Set 120 years into our future, Midnight Star takes players aboard the MSRV-Joplin, a research vessel newly outfitted with military weaponry to explore a mysterious signal coming from within our Solar System. When disaster strikes, they're transported across the universe to take part in an epic war whose outcome will determine the fate of humanity...

Midnight Star

Critics seem to love the game but user reviews are mixed only earning Midnight Star a 3-star rating on the App Store. There are a lot of positive comments about the graphics but the inability to control your character's movement and in-app purchases are earning the game a lot of negative reviews.

Reuters: Apple Building Team of Medical Technology Executives to Design iWatch Health and Fitness Platform

Instead of pumping out the normal misinformed next-generation iPhone rumors at a rapid pace, the Apple rumor mill has instead been focused on the iWatch and Apple's rumored suite of upcoming health apps. On Monday, Reuters threw gasoline of the fire by reporting that Apple is "building a team of senior medical technology executives" to work on a health and fitness platform modeled after the App Store.


Rueters claims Apple is under pressure to deliver on CEO Tim Cook's promise that the company will deliver a new product category sometime this year. Apple hasn't released a new device since it introduced the iPad in 2010, and according to industry reports tablet sales are on the decline and are only going to get worse.

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