Major, Feature Ooozing Update Rumored to be Coming to iPhone

iphone712.jpgWho said the Apple iPhone rumor mill was going to stop churning after the iPhone was released? Certainly not me. While everyone enjoys talking about all the wonderful things we're doing with the iPhones we have, most people find talking about the things we can't do, but might be doing soon, instead.


T-Mobile, D. Telekom Land German iPhone Distribution Rights

tmobileflags.jpgAccording to news recently published via Reuters, T-Mobile - the mobile division of Germany's D. Telekom - has landed distribution rights to the iPhone in Germany. T-Mobile will be the exclusive carrier of the Apple iPhone in Germany.

The brief indicates that the iPhone will go on sale in Germany on November 1st of this year and will retail for $450 Euros ($612 USD).


Buying an Apple iPhone Online? You might be waiting a month.

As pretty much everyone residing in the US and still breathing is already aware, the Apple iPhone went on sale nationwide today. Apple and AT&T retail stores across the country sported long lines of anxious iPhone hopefuls. As 6pm rolled around, many people who had waited in line for very long periods of time started walking out with iPhones in hand, and smiles on faces.



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