Apple Slaps Down iPhone Release Day Rulebook: 2 per customer

iphone712.jpgThe long awaited Apple iPhone goes on sale tomorrow. As previously announced, all retail outlets (both Apple stores and AT&T stores) will be closing during the day and reopening to sell the iPhone at 6pm local time. Apple's online store won't be selling the phone until 6pm PDT. A new press release by Apple today laid out all the rules for buying an iPhone at an Apple retail store.

The full set gameday rules are as follows:


AT&T Posts their Apple iPhone FAQ

attnewlogo.jpgThough Apple has been churning out near daily informational updates regarding the iPhone, AT&T has been a bit more on the quiet side. Today, however, AT&T revamped their iPhone website ( adding a specs, plans, and FAQ section.

Don't look for any juicy new pieces of iPhone information in the FAQ, but it might answer some lingering questions about the iPhone under AT&T.

The entire FAQ is as follows:



First Hands-on iPhone Reviews Published: 1.5 Thumbs Up

iphone-nyt.jpgThough wholly unknown to the unanointed technology writers of the world, the privileged few amongst the crowd have had iPhones clanking around in their pockets for about a week now. Such being the case, yesterday saw the first few hands-on reviews of Apple's now uberhyped iPhone hit the presses. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and USA Today each published a detailed review of the iPhone.



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