First Hands-on iPhone Reviews Published: 1.5 Thumbs Up

iphone-nyt.jpgThough wholly unknown to the unanointed technology writers of the world, the privileged few amongst the crowd have had iPhones clanking around in their pockets for about a week now. Such being the case, yesterday saw the first few hands-on reviews of Apple's now uberhyped iPhone hit the presses. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and USA Today each published a detailed review of the iPhone.


Apple Announces iPhone Service and Data Plan Details

iphone11.jpgIn their latest addition to the iPhone video tour section on the official iPhone website, a tutorial on how to activate your iPhone, Apple has announced the pricing details behind AT&T's iPhone service plans. As previously reported by iPhoneFAQ, customers purchasing the iPhone at an Apple retail store or Apple's online store will not be required to be AT&T customers at the time of purchase.


Apple iPhone Site Revised, Again, Lots to See

A few days ago we alerted you to a new and improved version of Apple's iPhone website. Now we're doing it again. Apple has updated the iPhone section of their web site again, including some interesting new content.

Most prominent is the new guided tour video, which at roughly 20 minutes long, walks through the features and capabilities of the iPhone at a more intimate level than we've previously seen.

The TV ads have also been updated to include the new ad highlighting the recently announced YouTube capabilities of the iPhone.



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