AT&T/Cingular Email Confirms June iPhone Release

In the sea of iPhone non-news, this actually has some teeth to it, albeit tiny little soft ones. There's little if any doubt now that we'll see the iPhone in stores this June. Though the past few weeks have been wrought with skepticism about Apple and AT&T failing to meet the June mark they set months ago, an email sent out by Cingular/AT&T today confirmed that the iPhone will be available in June.

The email contained the following image:



Only 6% to buy Apple iPhone? Only 6%?

iphone-proto.jpgMany press release relays, blogs, and other internet news outlets are reporting today on an Apple iPhone customer survey by Norwalk, CT market research firm, Markitecture. The numbers, at a glance, may be misleading. Most of these reports have spun the survey results to be negative in nature, when it reality they may be quite positive.



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