AT&T Boosting Speed of EDGE Network for Apple iPhone

appleone.jpgIn an exclusive story, Gizmodo reported today that AT&T has underway a project to boost the speed of it's EDGE network in preparation for the Apple iPhone. Based on an insider with access to AT&T operations documents, the project termed 'Operation Fine Edge' has been underway for a number of weeks now and will continue until June 15th.


Apple Confirms Official iPhone Release Date

The most speculated detail about the Apple iPhone is finally no longer a rumor, or an insider leak, or an unconfirmed report. Apple, in a series of new advertisements, has confirmed that their much anticipate iPhone will be available on June 29th.

The June 29th date has been rumored for some time and was widely reported over the last few weeks as the most likely of the speculated release dates.


Juicy New iPhone Rumors

The Apple iPhoneIt's been a while since we've had any truly ambitious iPhone rumors come around the bend. Enter vim3 weblog. The writers there claim that Steve Jobs and Apple have been not only hush-hush about unreleased iPhone features, but have gone as far as to mislead the public in hopes of keeping iPod sales healthy. vim3 states,



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