Nintendo's Miitomo is now available on the App Store


Nintendo's first mobile game, Miitomo, is hard to review (especially since it is so new). It is a communication app where you create a mobile Mii character (or import an existing one from your Wii U or 3DS) to interact with other players. You do this by building a base personality for your Mii and then answering questions about yourself. When your Mii is finally completed he/she will share your answers with other Mii characters that you invite to be your friends. That's basically it. You can earn Miitomo coins to spend on additional clothes and accessories, and link your Miitomo account to Nintendo's new Platinum Points rewards program.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: Super Bowl 50, iPhone 7 and Nintendo

Super Bowl L

The week in Apple news brought more reports detailing next generation products in the pipeline. Throughout the coming year, the iPhone 7, iPad Air 3 and iPhone 6c are all set to launch. Design changes and upgraded internal hardware will update most of Apple's mobile products. Super Bowl 50 will be widely accessible on iOS devices this evening, and Nintendo has a secret iOS app in the works. Here are more details on the week in Apple news.

Second Nintendo mobile title to feature 'very familiar' character


Nintendo's relationship with mobile gaming has been odd, to say the least. The video game company for years refused to bring its popular titles and characters to mobile devices before finally teaming up with mobile game developer DeNA in 2015 to produce apps for "smart devices." Nintendo then disapointed fans by announcing Miitomo -- a social networking app where users could create a Mii avatar and communicate with other users.

Get retro Super Mario sounds on the iPhone


Custom message tones based on retro video games are nothing new, however 1UP brings the concept to a new level. iPhone owners with jailbroken devices can install 1UP for a unique trip down Nintendo memory lane. Not only will 1UP replace the Messages notification tone with the Super Mario coin sound effect, on the tenth notification something special happens. Mario earns an extra life!

Nintendo Teams Up with DeNA to Release Mobile Games

After dipping its toes in the mobile game waters by releasing Pokémon TCG Online to the iPad, Nintendo has decided to team up with the Japanese game developer DeNA to release more games to "smart devices." Nintendo will create new titles instead of porting existing content over to smarthphones and tablets.

Nintendo Mobile

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said that talks about bringing its characters to mobile devices began 2010, but things were not finalized until last year. This is a stark contrast to an interview he did in 2011 with the Japanese news site Nikkei, when he stated that NIntendo would never consider making games for mobile devices. Iwata believed that mobile games would only bring temporary gain and not help sustain NIntendo's core business model of selling home game consoles, but he has since changed his tune. Iwata now thinks mobile titles will work as a "bridge” to help people buy more physical Nintendo products.


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