5 useful iOS Shortcuts and how to use them

How to use shortcuts on iPhone and iPad.

In iOS 12 Apple updated its Workflow app and changed its name to Shortcuts. A shortcut lets you quickly accomplish a task that would typically require a series of steps across a variety of apps. For example, the Home ETA shortcut uses the Maps app to find your distance from home and estimated time of arrival, then uses Messages to text your spouse/child/roommate/etc with a customized message letting them know when you'll be home.

How do I delete Shortcuts from my library on iPhone?

There are tons of shortcuts available for the Shortcuts app, with new ones being created every day, and if you like to check them out then you have to add them to your library. This invariably leads to a cluttered library, so you'll want to get rid of the ones you don't use. Deleting shortcuts from the app's library is similar to deleting an app from your iPhone or iPad's Home Screen - just long press on it until all the shortcuts start to "wobble," then you just tap any shortcut that you want to remove so a blue check appears on it.


How do I add shortcuts to my Sharing menu options on iPhone?

iOS 12 introduced hundreds of useful shortcuts in its new app, where you can access them in your Shortcuts Library. They become even more efficient, however, when you can access them in more appropriate areas on your iPhone or iPad like on your Home Screen or in your Sharing options. For instance, it makes sense to be able to quickly access the "Where was this taken" shortcut while you are looking at photos in your Photos app. The way to do this is to add the shortcut to your Sharing options.


How to make shortcuts for your Shortcuts on iPhone

How to make Home Screen icons for your iPhone and iPad shortcuts.

iOS 12 introduced Shortcuts, the successor to Workflow, which is an app that provides shortcuts that basically compress multiple-step tasks that involve using multiple apps into processes that require just a tap or two. For example, there is a shortcut called Home ETA that uses Maps to find your location and get the ETA for your trip home, then sends a custom message with your arrival time to whomever you set it up to send one to.


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