Android-like Voice Dictation Found in iOS 7

Code for an Android-like voice dictation feature has been discovered in iOS 7 by Hamza Sood. While iOS 6 currently features the ability to use voice commands to write text, the process requires that data be sent to Apple's servers so the speech can be converted. This can result in Siri-like mistakes, long loading times, and other internet related problems such as data consumption. The new string of code discovered in both iOS 7 betas shows Apple is testing the possibility of introducing an offline version of dictation.

Apple Voice Dictation iOS 7

This means all iOS devices could potentially feature the ability to locally process and convert speech, allowing for faster voice dictation of emails, text messages and notes. 9to5Mac has learned some internal Apple devices already have this service up and running.

Siri Learns How to Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Apple has taught Siri how to contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for depressed iPhone owners. Previously Siri would only suggest nearby suicide prevention centers when a user told her that they felt like killing themselves, but now she will suggest calling the national prevention hotline, and offer to do the dialing for them. Siri will only read the 1-800 number to suicidal iPad and iPod touch owners, who can't place calls with their devices. Apple added the new Siri service via a server-side update on Tuesday.

Siri Suicide Hotline

Siri is going to be getting a lot of new features when iOS 7 is released later this year, but Apple must have thought this was too important to wait. However, Siri still won't dial 9-1-1 when asked to call for emergency services. That you still have to do on your own.


Siri Gets a Sex Change and New Look

I decided to cut Siri out of my life a long time ago by installing Google Search on my iPhone instead. Using Google's voice search or the Google search bar is a lot easier than asking Siri three times for an answer she's just going to Google anyway. But no matter how much iOS users ignore her, the Apple voice assistant refuses to go away. Siri has decided to get a makeover, learn a few new tricks, and become a man. If that's not a cry for attention, I don't know what is.

Siri iOS 7

Apple announced at its keynote that Siri will feature a new female and male voice and promised it will deliver faster results and check more sources like Bing, Wikipedia, and Twitter. Not very exciting news if you ask me, however, Siri will also be able to return calls, playback your voicemail, and control iTunes Radio.

What information does Siri collect and save?

Apple revealed that Siri stores a user's data for up to two years. Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told that all queries are transferred to Apple’s data farm, where a random number is generated to represent the user. The user number is “disassociated" from the voice file after six months, but the voice data is kept for up to 18 more months for "testing and product improvement purposes".



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