New Patent Suggests Siri Will Soon be Able to Search Photos

Apple's overhauled Photos application that debuted with iOS 7 earlier this year introduced automatic photo sorting by date and location. A new patent application that surfaced at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday suggests that Apple wants to improve upon this idea by allowing users to tag photos and search for them using Siri.

Siri photo search

The patent, entitled "Voice-Based Image Tagging and Searching," describes how the idea works in its abstract: "The electronic device provides a natural language text string corresponding to a speech input associated with the digital photograph. The electronic device performs natural language processing on the text string to identify one or more terms associated with an entity, an activity, or a location. The electronic device tags the digital photograph with the one or more terms and their associated entity, activity, or location." That is basically a long-winded way of saying that you

Siri Can Now Access Song Lyrics [Tips]

iOS users with Siri-enabled devices can now access LyricFind's database of over 2,000 music publishers. Siri learned its new trick after Wolfram|Alpha teamed up LyricFind to add a new lyric query option to its search engine. The new service also allows Wolfram|Alpha users to create word clouds of popular terms used in a certain song. However, this feature does not seem to work on Siri at the moment.

Siri Tips

iOS users can get the lyrics to almost any popular song by opening Siri and asking “What are the lyrics to (song title)". For some reason completing this task seems to take Siri longer than usual, and it will also refer you back to the web if it can't locate a title in LyricFind's library.


Android-like Voice Dictation Found in iOS 7

Code for an Android-like voice dictation feature has been discovered in iOS 7 by Hamza Sood. While iOS 6 currently features the ability to use voice commands to write text, the process requires that data be sent to Apple's servers so the speech can be converted. This can result in Siri-like mistakes, long loading times, and other internet related problems such as data consumption. The new string of code discovered in both iOS 7 betas shows Apple is testing the possibility of introducing an offline version of dictation.

Apple Voice Dictation iOS 7

This means all iOS devices could potentially feature the ability to locally process and convert speech, allowing for faster voice dictation of emails, text messages and notes. 9to5Mac has learned some internal Apple devices already have this service up and running.


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