5 Sports Questions to Ask Siri

People use Siri to varying degrees; while some depend on her for a majority of their daily iOS usage, others still consider the personal assistant a not-so-useful gimmick. Once you get to know more of Siri's functionality, its likely you'll end up consulting her quite a bit. If you are a sports fan, here are five questions you can ask Siri that will undoubtedly give you quicker answers than if you try to manually look them up on your iPhone's browser:

1. When's the next time Lebron James faces Miami? Siri will look this right up for you. You can also ask when two players or teams will face each other: "When will Tim Lincecum face Clayton Kershaw?" If it's on the books she'll give you an answer, if not you'll get web search results.

Sports questions to ask Siri.

How do I get Siri to read my emails and texts to me?

This is a great feature that doesn't seem to be too well known. Simply say to Siri, "Read my messages," or "Read my emails." If you have multiple emails, she will read the time and subject of each one. You can also say "Read my most recent message/email." In this case she will read aloud the contents. You can also ask if you have an email or message from a specific contact. This feature is especially useful for when you're behind the wheel and can use the "Hey Siri command".


Apple's Siri May Soon Employ Neural Network Algorithms

According to Wired, Siri may soon undergo a long overdue overhaul that would boost the iOS digital assistant's accuracy in understanding human language. This would come via neural network algorithms and architecture, technology that is already being developed and utilized by many of the major players in the tech industry.

Neural networks may soon power Siri

Though they seemingly peaked in popularity thirty years ago, there has been a renaissance of research in neural networks in recent years. The term refers to a machine learning model inspired by biological central nervous systems, namely the brain, where the network consists of neurons. Neural networks have proven more



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