What information does Siri collect and save?

Apple revealed that Siri stores a user's data for up to two years. Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told that all queries are transferred to Apple’s data farm, where a random number is generated to represent the user. The user number is “disassociated" from the voice file after six months, but the voice data is kept for up to 18 more months for "testing and product improvement purposes".


How do I buy movie tickets using Siri?

You can find local movies, movie times and purchase tickets with your iPhone by simply saying "movies" after prompting Siri. To buy tickets through Siri you must have the Fandango app installed. You can download the free app here. Once it is installed, ask Siri for "movies", select the movie location and time you want, then tap "Buy Tickets". This will open the Fandango app which will allow you to buy advanced tickets for the movie you have selected.


How do I correct Siri mistakes?

One of the most frustrating things about Siri is having to restart when she doesn't understand your question, but there is a better solution than just hitting your Home button. You can manually correct Siri by using your device's keyboard. For example, if you are trying to locate "Dubai" on a map, and Siri searches for "goodbye", just tap the incorrect answer to open your keyboard. You can now use the keyboard to replace "goodbye" with "Dubai", then tap the "Done" button to resend the question.


New Horror Movie Encourages Cell Phone Usage in Theaters

A new Dutch horror film called App aims to make cell phone usage in theaters socially acceptable by allowing users to interact with the movie via their smartphones. Moviegoers are encouraged to download a free app from the App Store which uses special technology to send messages and images to the audience in real time.

Siri Horror Movie

2CFilm, who produced the movie, is touting App as the first movie with a "second screen", and promises the film will stand alone for those who prefer to keep their cell phones turned off. However, the producers didn't explain what happens when people using the app start to receive outside calls or texts during the movie.

Apple Not Happy with Maps Debacle, Fires Maps Manager Richard Williamson

Apple's Maps manager Richard Williamson was fired after flaws in the mapping software "hurt" the iPhone 5, according to Bloomberg. Senior Vice President Eddy Cue fired Williamson, who oversaw the Apple Maps development, on Tuesday. Unnamed sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg Cue is planning to “install a new leadership team” to oversee the Maps application, and is seeking advice from outside mapping-technology experts TomTom NV.

Apple Maps

Apple has been criticized for ditching Google Maps for its own inferior mapping software. The Maps debacle didn't hurt iPhone 5 sales, but it did force Apple CEO Tim Cook to issue a rare apology for an Apple product. The Apple Maps mess also prompted Nokia and Google to create rival mapping apps to be used with iOS devices. Nokia's HERE app is already available for download, while Google is expected to unveil its map application in the near future.


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