Apple TV adds Live Tune-In feature to Siri search

Live Tune-In

Apple TV fans are still waiting for a live streaming package, which failed to materialize last year despite rumors of ongoing negotiations with content providers. Even as Apple continues to pursue such a subscription package, a new Live Tune-In feature has been added to tvOS 9.2. Live Tune-In combines certain apps that provide a live stream with Siri, to offer instant live viewing of supported channels.

How to manage your Calendar with Siri

Manage your Calendar with Siri

Siri was created to be your personal assistant, but most iPhone users don't take advantage of Siri's full potential. It is still a headache to open the iPhone's built-in Calendar app and navigate through all the different fields just to create an event. Thankfully, there is a better way. While you're probably aware you can use Siri to schedule an event, did you know you can also use Siri to change, cancel and view events?

This article covers everything you need to know about using Siri to help you manage your calendar on the iPhone.


Apple fixes iPhone 6s Siri passcode bypass

Siri Night Shift

Yesterday, the internet discovered a workaround that allows someone to access anyone's Photos or Contacts on an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus without using a password. The bypass took advantage of 3D Touch and Siri by allowing a third-party to search Twitter for valid email addresses. This allowed unauthorized users to create a new contact using the 3D Touch quick action menu without using a password or Touch ID. After creating the new contact anyone could then access the photos and contact information stored on any iPhone 6s device.

Siri can now answer more detailed baseball questions

Siri Baseball Answers

Siri has gained some new baseball knowledge just in time for the new MLB season. Apple's intelligent personal assistant can now answer "questions about more detailed statistics," according to The Verge. This includes questions about historical league stats, career statistics for individual past and present players and information about all 28 baseball leagues outside the MILB, including the minors.

5 reasons to update Apple TV to tvOS 9.2

tvOS 9.2 new features

Now that tvOS has been updated to version 9.2, fourth-generation Apple TV owners may be wondering what's included in the free update and whether they should install it or not. While there's nothing in the new firmware that dramatically changes the capabilities of Apple's set top box, tvOS 9.2 is certainly worthwhile. Apple TV fans should not hesitate to update as the features listed below are welcome improvements.


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