Sounds and Ringtones

Automatically schedule iOS Do Not Disturb during Calendar events


Do Not Disturb (DnD) mode can help minimize distraction and noise from the iPhone at specific times. By default, DnD can only be scheduled for Quiet Hours during one time period per day. The jailbreak tweak MeetingDnD vastly expands the utility of iOS DnD by enabling silence automatically based on events scheduled in the Calendar. This means the iPhone will automatically enter DnD mode during important meetings or at other predefined times during the day.

Get retro Super Mario sounds on the iPhone


Custom message tones based on retro video games are nothing new, however 1UP brings the concept to a new level. iPhone owners with jailbroken devices can install 1UP for a unique trip down Nintendo memory lane. Not only will 1UP replace the Messages notification tone with the Super Mario coin sound effect, on the tenth notification something special happens. Mario earns an extra life!

Turn Off Vibration When Charging the iPhone

cydia tweak Beep Beep

Several things happen automatically when the iPhone is plugged in to charge. Besides delivering a sound and vibrating, the device will typically turn on its display. What if you want to turn these off? The jailbreak tweak Beep Beep makes this possible.

Once installed from Cydia, Beep Beep adds multiple Settings to configure how iOS responds when the Lightning cable is plugged into the device. Settings take effect immediately when toggles are switched on and off.

How to Add a Startup Sound to the iPhone

Spruce up an iPhone reboot with custom sound effects by installing EventOnStart. This jailbreak tweak provides a list of sounds that can be configured to play when iOS resprings, or when an iOS device is switched on. In addition to sounds, other events can also be initiated.


Besides a toggle to enable the tweak, EventOnStart has a variety of settings. The iPhone can be configured to vibrate on startup and there’s an option to have the LED camera flash blink. A welcome message can also be entered, which will display on startup.

How do I create custom vibration patterns in iOS 8?

This is a handy feature that will let you distinguish between your contacts when they text or call without looking at your iPhone. This has actually been around since iOS 5, but if you weren't aware of it, here's how you do it in iOS 8. Simply go to your contacts, select somebody, tap "Edit" in the upper right, and scroll down until you see ringtone and text tone. For each of these you can tap on "Vibration," which will take you to a new pane where you can select from existing vibrations or, if you scroll to the bottom, create your own vibration.


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