Sounds and Ringtones

How do I create custom vibration patterns in iOS 8?

This is a handy feature that will let you distinguish between your contacts when they text or call without looking at your iPhone. This has actually been around since iOS 5, but if you weren't aware of it, here's how you do it in iOS 8. Simply go to your contacts, select somebody, tap "Edit" in the upper right, and scroll down until you see ringtone and text tone. For each of these you can tap on "Vibration," which will take you to a new pane where you can select from existing vibrations or, if you scroll to the bottom, create your own vibration.

Will my alarm sound when the iPhone is on silent / mute?

Muting all of the alerts and noises generated by iOS 7 on the iPhone can bring peace and quiet. But does putting the iPhone into silent mode prevent alarms from going off?

iOS 7 on silent alarm

Rest assured, when an alarm is set with the stock Clock app, it will sound even if the iPhone ringer is off. That means you can safely mute other sounds and still count on the alarm to go off at a preset time.

How do I set repeat alerts for iPhone messages?

Incoming message alerts can be repeated automatically on the iPhone, for a pre-set number of 2 minute intervals. Setting the number of times a message alert is repeated involves changing the Notification Center settings. Follow these steps:

iOS 7 repeat alerts

1. Navigate to Settings -> Notification Center -> Messages -> Repeat Alerts
2. Select how many times you want to be reminded of each incoming message


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