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Lala iPhone App Changes Music Purchasing Forever

Would you buy a song if you could stream it an unlimited number of times from your iPhone or a web browser? Maybe not. What if the cost was only 10 cents? Not only does this free up your disk space, it's light on your wallet.

Lulu is counting on these two things to make them lots of money. They currently have 8.5 million songs in their library. Instead of having a music collection of files, everything you paid to play resides on remote servers until you demand a listen.

RealNetworks Develops Rhapsody iPhone App

Subscribers to the Rhapsody music service will soon have their own iPhone app. That is, if Apple approves the software for distribution in the App Store.

Rhapsody is a service developed by RealNetworks, charging $14.99 monthly for streaming access to over eight million songs. The iPhone application would make it possible for Rhapsody To Go plan subscribers to listen via Wi-Fi, 3G or EDGE.

Swift Fans Rejoice: Sirius XM SkyDock for iPhone

Soon iPhone owners with Sirius XM subscriptions will be able to drop an extra $120 to listen to Taylor Swift in their cars. Sirius XM has finally announced an all-in-one dock that will convert your iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate mobile satellite radio listening machine.

iphone xm sirius radio adapter

The adapter hardware plugs into the automobile's 12V DC power jack (previously known as the "cigarette lighter" if you're older than Taylor). Snap in your iPhone and fire up the free app and you're ready to take advantage of your existing satellite radio subscription.

How can I listen to a Live365 radio station on my iPhone?

There's good news for those of you out there who are fans of Live365 and would like to listen using your iPhone or iPod Touch. An application that will stream audio from Live365 Internet radio stations has officially been submitted to Apple for approval.

live365 independent radio app

The app was planned for release in the third quarter of 2008, however it did not materialize. At the time of this writing, the ball has been in Apple's court for two weeks.


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