Apple Tablet Announcement Confirmed

Save the date because on January 26, 2010 Steve Jobs will be making the product announcement everyone has been waiting for at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. This is according to ex-Google China president Kai-Fu Lee.

Lee stated that the Apple tablet will look like a large iPhone with a 10-inch screen, 3D graphics and a price under $1000. He claims that Apple plans to manufacture 10 million of the devices in 2010.

Apple Tablet: The New iBook?

New information has surfaced indicating that Apple will market the 10-inch tablet computer as an e-book reader in 2010. The latest buzz surrounding the device focuses on domains and trademarks registered indirectly by Apple such as iSlate.

However, if the Apple tablet indeed has its own App Store specifically for e-books, magazines and newspapers, why not revive the iBook name? With the iTunes platform Apple has already changed the face of digital music, and has recently moved into distributing film and television content.

Apple Orders Tablet Components for 2010

Apple's legendary tablet device took a step closer to reality this week. Chinese component manufacturers have reported large orders from Apple for key parts of a touch-screen tablet computer.

According to DigiTimes, Innolux (a subsidiary of Foxconn) and Wintek will be producing 10-inch screens for Apple and could deliver them as early as March 2010. Wintek is currently Apple's main iPhone display manufacturer.

More Boring iPhone and Apple Tablet Rumors

Hope you're sitting down, folks. Take a look at the pictured SIM card trays below. Finally we have unequivocal proof the Apple tablet exists!

iphone 3G sim tray

China Ontrade is the same company that brought us the iPhone 3GS bezel before the new iPhone was actually released. Only problem is that the bezel pictured had nothing to do with the iPhone 3GS. So file this 4th generation iPhone SIM card tray under ridiculous waste of time.

Will the Apple Tablet be a Jumbo iPod Touch?

So much for the Apple touch pad / HD video movie / Cocktail music media / netbook killer / iPad tablet running Snow Leopard. The latest "scoop" from an "insider" points to a device more focused on movies, music and email than actual computing. iPhone OS anyone?

apple touch tablet

According to a "tip" from a "reliable source" the new Apple device is scheduled to be announced in January and will hit store shelves a few months later. Retail price? Could be too expensive for a glorified iPod Touch.


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