Two Great iPhone Jailbreak Apps for Wi-Fi

Looking for more ways to improve your jailbroken iPhone? Many applications are available that expand the features and functions of your iPhone beyond what Apple allows. Tethering is one such function that makes it possible to use your 3G data connection to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices. AT&T has finally made an official tethering solution available, but many customers don't want to pay the extra expense.

apple iphone jailbreak app mywi

Enter MyWi 4.0. This jailbreak app creates a Wi-Fi hotspot instantly and allows multiple notebooks or other devices to use the iPhone data connection. USB tethering is also an option, and the Wi-Fi network you create will feature WEP security.

Two Great iPhone Jailbreak Apps for 3G Data

Even though jailbreaking is more accessible to iPhone users than ever before, some may question whether or not apps developed outside the App Store are really necessary. The fact is that Apple limits some functionality for security and other reasons. Here are two great apps that make it possible to do more with your 3G connection if your iPhone is jailbroken.

apple iphone jailbreak app auto 3G

Auto3G switches your iPhone's 3G cellular data connection to EDGE (2G) automatically every time you lock your device. Why not stay connected to the 3G network when the iPhone is locked? Battery life, that's why. Your battery life can be extended when the 3G network is only used when necessary.

Tips and Tricks: Using iPhone Folders in iOS 4

Now you can store and run up to 2,160 iPhone apps on your home screen with iOS 4 folders. That's the maximum capacity with 180 folders holding 12 apps each. Although you may not come close to this limit folders are an excellent way to get organized and more efficiently use your iPhone.

apple iphone ios 4 folders

Creating folders on the iPhone is simple and intuitive. Just drag one app on top of another app and a grey box will appear. iOS 4 will put both apps in the same folder and prompt you with a text box naming the folder. If you don't like the automatic name just type a new one in the box. Tapping the home screen will exit.

How to Take HDR Photos on Your iPhone 3GS

Apple surprised everyone when they announced that iOS 4.1 would add High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography capabilities to iPhone cameras. HDR combines two or more photos at different exposures to create an optimal scene. Unfortunately, some iPhone 3GS owners were even more surprised that they would not receive the feature when updating.

apple iphone 4.1 HDR photo

Although the iPhone 4 upgraded the rear camera to 5.0 megapixels and added a flash, light sensor and HD video recording, iPhone 3GS owners can still get excellent pictures with the previous 3.0 megapixel model. Already the 5x digital zoom feature (added in iOS 4) works well on the 3GS, and HDR can be a simple download away.

Tips: Get the Most out of FaceTime Calling on iPhone 4

Apple has launched FaceTime video calling with every iPhone 4. All that's required is a Wi-Fi connection and a person on the other end of the line running the same setup. There are many things you can do to get the most out of your FaceTime calling experience.

apple iphone 4 facetime tips

First of all, to test your setup and get some personalized instruction, you can call an Apple representative using FaceTime at 1-888-FACETIME. Make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi before you dial. When you're ready to video chat with your friends and family, check out this list of tips:


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