Remove Battery Icon from iOS Status Bar with Bolt

Some tweaks do simple things and do them well. If you are lucky enough to have a jailbroken iOS device, Bolt will make some extra space in your status bar by removing an obvious redundancy. Apple includes the option for users to display battery percentage remaining under Settings -> General -> Usage.

iOS tweak Bolt

What Apple did not provide is a mechanism to subsequently remove the battery status icon from the screen. Why show the empty/full battery icon and the battery percentage next to each other? Bolt adresses this quirk by removing the battery icon once and for all.

Make Free Voice Calls From Facebook With Your iPhone

Facebook has begun rolling out its free voice call service to U.S. iPhone users. The free voice calling feature was originally tested in Canada, but now iPhone users in the U.S. with the Facebook Messenger app can also use the service.

Facebook Messenger

To make a free voice call from the Facebook Messenger app, just tap the "i" icon in the top right hand corner while viewing a chat with the person you want to call. You will be taken to the "Contact Info" screen that now features the "Free Call" option. The calls can only be made over a Wi-Fi connection, so don't expect to use it while on the road.

How to Change Your Carrier Logo Without Jailbreaking

One of the fun benefits of jailbreaking has been the ability to change the boring carrier logo in your status bar. Now non-jailbreakers can join the party by downloading a new Mac application called CarrierEditor. The app, created by developers Kevin Lo and Daniel Levi, allows iPhone owners to easily customize their devices by swapping out the carrier logo for other fun logos or pictures of their choice.

iPhone Tweaks

To change your carrier logo, download the Mac application CarrierLogo and select the "Lets Get Started" option once it's installed. It will then ask you for your Carrier Version Number. To find your version go to Settings >> General >> About, and scroll down until you see your Carrier Version Number. After you enter your Carrier Number, hit "Next" and select your device and carrier (not all carriers are supported) from the drop boxes on the next page. You can then go to the next screen and customize your logo by dragging a photo into the available boxes. Next open iTunes and hold down the alt/option key and select "Restore iPhone". Open the new carrier file CarrierEditor placed on your desktop and wait for iTunes to update. Finally, reboot your iPhone and your new icon should appear.

Add Topography View to Google Maps iOS App

Now that Google Maps for iOS has arrived, developers have started working on tweaks to make the app even better for those with jailbroken iPhones. We recently looked at MapsOpener, which makes Google Maps the default mapping application, circumventing Apple's stock maps app entirely. Now you can improve Google Maps by enabling a secret topography mode.

Google Maps Topography option

The Google Maps sidebar has several options, including Traffic, Public transit and Satellite modes. For some reason, Google decided to disable Topography mode when it launched Google Maps for iOS. Luckily, the only thing you need to activate the topographic maps on your jailbroken iPhone is a tweak by developer Ryan Petrich.

How to Make Google Maps the Default iOS Maps App

Many Apple Maps users breathed a sigh of relief when Google finally launched their own stand-alone Google Maps app for iOS. The problem is that even with Google Maps installed, iOS 6 will always default to the stock maps application when a link is clicked or other navigational features are needed. It's no surprise that developer HASHBANG Productions has released a solution for jailbroken devices.

MapsOpener tweak Cydia

The Cydia tweak is called MapsOpener, and once installed the tweak will open all maps links accessed within a browser in Google Maps instead of the Apple version. iOS currently has no built-in settings that allow the user to choose which apps they prefer to use as a default. This leaves iPhone owners using stock apps for several functions where other alternatives are available.


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