How to connect your Bitmoji to Venmo


Bitmoji is an expressive cartoon avatar that can be linked to your Snapchat or used as a Sticker in the Apple Messenger app. You can download the Bitmoji app for free from the App Store, then use your device's camera to create an avatar that looks something like you. There is even a Bitmoji keyboard option for iOS, and tons of outfits for you to choose from. Once created, you can then use any of the Stickers from the huge Bitmoji library in most of the popular chat apps, including the payment app Venmo.

How to request money with Venmo

The Venmo app is a digital wallet that makes sending cash to friends, family and even vendors easier than PayPal. Venmo links your account by your phone number, while PayPal uses your email. This allows Venmo to easily locate your friends and family using your device's built-in contacts, and typically makes searching for someone easier within the app. Venmo users are also assigned a QR code that other users can scan using their mobile device's camera. Many iOS users prefer the Venmo app over PayPal because it makes sending cash easier and quicker than having to fumble with clunky email addresses.


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