White iPhone 4

White iPhone 4 Almost Here: Best Buy Display Ready

Engadget is reporting that shelf space, tagged and ready for the white iPhone 4, has been spotted at Best Buy. Rumors of late have indicated that the white iPhone 4 was nearing its debut, after remaining elusive since the release of its black counterpart last summer. As the image below clearly shows, Best Buy is preparing to stock and sell the white iPhone in the near future.

white iphone 4 shelf spotted best buy

Further reports to Endgadget have revealed that Canadian retailer The Source is also making room on its shelves for the white iPhone 4. The Source is the Canadian version of Radio Shack in the states.

White iPhone Release Could Happen February 27

Leaked screenshots of Best Buy inventory listings indicate that the long-awaited white iPhone 4 could finally be making its way to consumers. The images show 16 and 32 GB white iPhone 4 models with in-stock dates of February 27, 2011.

apple white iphone release Best Buy february 2011

SKU and model numbers on the listings match those previously used by Best Buy when it was taking pre-orders for the white iPhone 4. Apple then scuttled the white model launch amid production difficulties.

Apple Confirms Spring 2011 White iPhone 4 Availability

Finally the white iPhone 4 is back on Apple's promotional materials, signaling that the device has not been canceled or abandoned indefinitely. Photographs of Apple Store posters clearly indicate that the iPhone 4 will be available in black or white starting in spring 2011.

apple iphone 4 white confirmed spring 2011

A more specific release date for the white iPhone 4 has not been revealed by Apple, however spring 2011 places the white iPhone 4 launch sometime after March 20. Apple has removed pre-ordering information for the white model from its online store.

White iPhone 4: Coming in Spring 2011?

Apple has made it official, sales of the white iPhone 4 have been postponed until spring 2011. Spring 2011? Why would anyone buy a white iPhone 4 right before the iPhone 5 is launched? Speculation is rampant that Apple might just cancel the white model. In a first since June, the photo and ordering information for the white iPhone 4 has been removed from the Apple online store.

apple iphone 4 white postponed spring 2011

Reports about why the delay has taken so long have varied but most involve some type of manufacturing issue. Problems cited range from CEO Steve Jobs complaining about the home button not matching the white-colored glass to technical difficulties with light leakage into the camera sensor. Whatever the case, Apple's suppliers have been struggling to come up with engineering procedures for the white glass.

Retailers Gearing Up for White iPhone 4 Release

Evidence has surfaced that retailers are getting ready for Apple's white iPhone 4 launch. It's likely Apple would like to see the white model on shelves before the holiday shopping season. Screenshots of an internal inventory system at Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless have been leaked showing two white iPhone 4 models.

apple iphone 4 white pre order

Like the black iPhone 4, white iPhones will be available in two storage capacities, 16GB and 32GB. Apparently Rogers has historically only added product information to the system if launch is imminent. Not to be outdone, US retailers are also prepping for the white iPhone 4 arrival.


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