White iPhone 4

Apple Testing White iPhone 4S on T-Mobile Network

T-Mobile fans rejoice. New evidence points to Apple actively testing a variant of the iPhone 4 on the carrier's network. This story seems to contradict previous reports that the iPhone would not come to T-Mobile anytime soon, despite a merger deal with AT&T. Should the next iPhone be launched in September, the device very well could make its way to T-Mobile customers. The photo below from BGR shows a test unit in white with the carrier name listed as T-Mobile.

T-Mobile test iPhone revealed

Proof the White iPhone 4 is Coming Early as Next Week

Engadget reports that Vodafone UK already has the white iPhone 4 in stock. The device has made it into inventory computers and one source even sent photos of the packaging seen below. Apparently some lucky customers were sold the white iPhone 4 ahead of schedule, with the store employees noting the sale as a common black iPhone 4 to fly under the radar.

white iPhone 4 release date april 27 package

Vodafone told their crew to hold off on selling the highly-anticipated handsets "until next week" according to the report. Is it possible Apple would launch these white models in the UK without giving the US some white iPhone love? After all, retailers stateside have been spotted preparing for the white iPhone for months, and promotional materials have clearly stated the device would launch in spring of this year.

Apple Shipping White iPhone 4 This Month?

It's been a long time since we've been able to run a story on the white iPhone 4 without a question mark in the title. Now Bloomberg reports the long-awaited white iPhone 4 will be available by the end of this month. Previous reports have also pointed to an April release, however nobody is counting their chickens before they hatch.

apple iphone 4 white

Best Buy leaks pointing to a February 27 white iPhone release have already turned out to be false. Apple continues to stick by its spring 2011 launch schedule although the season officially began on March 20. After a 10-month wait since the iPhone 4 keynote what's a few more weeks?

Report: Apple to Launch White iPhone 4 in April

Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told AppleInsider that Apple is getting ready to ship the mysterious white iPhone 4 to AT&T customers starting no later than April. Apple finally solved manufacturing problems plaguing the device and with the help of a Japanese company has developed a new paint material.

apple iphone 4 white in production

Problems with paint thickness and the white iPhone 4 not meeting quality standards resulted in many defective units, although some iPhone users have acquired the white version. Customization kits and modifications that violate the Apple warranty have also appeared on the market to simulate the white iPhone 4 look with replacement parts.

Will the White iPhone 4 Ever Launch?

Things are not looking good for the mysteriously absent white iPhone 4. With the Verizon iPhone launch six months after the iPhone 4 first became available and an iPhone 5 announcement looming, will Apple even bother? Since the first white iPhone 4 pre-orders were cancelled, the release date for the white iPhone 4 has been moved forward several times.

apple iphone 4 white

The latest we heard from Apple was the white iPhone 4 was coming in Spring. The season officially starts in just two weeks and Apple has been silent on the issue. Another white device has dominated the news, with Apple announcing the iPad 2 will ship in white and black next week.


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