Proof the White iPhone 4 is Coming Early as Next Week

Engadget reports that Vodafone UK already has the white iPhone 4 in stock. The device has made it into inventory computers and one source even sent photos of the packaging seen below. Apparently some lucky customers were sold the white iPhone 4 ahead of schedule, with the store employees noting the sale as a common black iPhone 4 to fly under the radar.

white iPhone 4 release date april 27 package

Vodafone told their crew to hold off on selling the highly-anticipated handsets "until next week" according to the report. Is it possible Apple would launch these white models in the UK without giving the US some white iPhone love? After all, retailers stateside have been spotted preparing for the white iPhone for months, and promotional materials have clearly stated the device would launch in spring of this year.

3G iPhone Coming to UK Vodaphone in Spring 2008?

There's a new rumor floating around the internet concerning the next generation iPhone. Though this may be the one millionth rumor about a second generation, 3G iPhone - it's the first one in a while, so we figured we'd report on it.

3g iphone coming to vodaphone?

According to unwir3d, a variety of European mobile phone sites/blogs are reporting that Apple and Vodaphone have reached an exclusive deal which will bring a 3G, second generation version of the iPhone to

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