3G iPhone Coming to UK Vodaphone in Spring 2008?

There's a new rumor floating around the internet concerning the next generation iPhone. Though this may be the one millionth rumor about a second generation, 3G iPhone - it's the first one in a while, so we figured we'd report on it.

3g iphone coming to vodaphone?

According to unwir3d, a variety of European mobile phone sites/blogs are reporting that Apple and Vodaphone have reached an exclusive deal which will bring a 3G, second generation version of the iPhone to

UK customers in early 2008. While the general concensus seems to be a Spring 2008 arrival, some are rumoring the new, UMTS iPhone might be announced as early as the January 2008 Macworld Expo.

The chances that this rumor holds any weight are seemingly slim. Though it is being reported that Apple could not violate their existing UK agreement with O2 if they puilled legal trickery by confining that agreement only to the EDGE version of the iPhone, what are the chances that Apple would do something so underhanded to a business partner? Going forward, Apple would lose all credibility at the bargaining table. Additionally, the backlash from contract-locked O2 customers would be overwhelming.

Though the exclusivity agreement with Vodaphone is likely a rumored sham, hopefully there is some truth to the timeline for the arrival of the 3G iPhone. There have been other rumors based on parts supplier leaks and insider reports that a 3G iPhone might be on the way come early 2008.

Cross your fingers, cross your toes.