How to zoom text quickly on iPhone

Large text Settings iOS

There are a few ways to increase font size on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. One of the quickest ways to increase and decrease text sizes is by using the Control Center. The Text Size widget provides a slider that works just like flashlight brightness or volume. The only difference is that iOS may pause for a few seconds while it's changing the text size.

How to customize your Lock Screen widgets in iOS 10

How to customize your iPhone's Lock Screen widgets in iOS 10.

iOS 10 brings quite a few changes to the iPhone's Lock Screen, including raise to wake, rich notifications and widgets among others. Whereas widgets were only available in Notifications in previous iOS versions, they are now available in the Spotlight screen, which is accessible from both your Lock Screen and Home Screen.

Add System Status Info to the Notification Center

iPhone owners looking to get system stats can add an array of meters directly to the Notification Center. Stock iOS hides much of this information from the user, but NCMeters seeks to change this on jailbroken devices. In addition to free storage space, additional information can be added at a glance.


Meters to choose from include CPU usage, RAM available, free disk space, upload speed and download speed. Once the tweak is installed from Cydia, these meters can be enabled, disabled and reordered under Settings -> NCMeters. Customizations include different colors for both the meter icons and text.


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