How can I fix waiting iPhone apps that will not install?

How can I fix waiting iPhone apps that will not install?

When an iPhone application has a grey icon and says it's waiting, normally the app will quickly change to loading and then installing as it continues the process of downloading and installing to your device. Sometimes the app hangs at waiting and never progresses. Usually this is due to a connection problem with the App Store or some other issue.

The easiest way to correct the problem is to restart your iPhone using the power button. When the iPhone reboots the waiting icons should continue to load and install normally, assuming your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection is working properly.


The best and easiest solution! Thank you very much

What I did to get rid of those stuck waiting apps was this.
step 1: go to the app store
step 2: go to the updates section (at the bottom right corner)
step 3: find that stuck waiting apps there.
Step 4: you will see a "stop logo with a circle around it". press it. the logo will change to "update"
Step 5: do the same for all those apps that are stuck waiting.
step 6: exit and return to home
step 7: you will see the app is now active. Now press-hold it for a while. All apps start shaking.
step 8: delete the app.
step 9: reinstall it from app store.

Good ,

correct instruction, it work

yesssss!...this did work for me
Thank you, thank you, thank you

Step 3 - I do not see stucked apps under updates screen

u will get on right top with purchased name..

if any prob regarding app waiting issue.
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thanks it works on me as well!!!

I called apple today and they had a solution that works for me.

First make sure that under settings>itunes & app store, that you have logged in with the correct credentials as your Apple

Try a hard reset. Hold the power and home keys for ~10 seconds (This does not delete any apps or information from your phone) then your downloads should continue when it reboots.

Thanks! Worked for me, trying to solve this for 4 days.

Hard reset definitely works.

On the second attempt this worked for me. But I deleted the apps second time around and it came back on and started to download the apps. Thank you guys!!!!

Thanks that helped having this problem for days

Everything else failed for me but this, thank you!

OMG! Thank you so much! It works.. I was so depressed thinking my iphone is faulty because I tried downloading to my other iphone with the same itunes id and its working not on the phone im using now. But anyway, thank you again.. Just hard reset!

Switching off phone and on again worked. Thank you

Finally!!!! Turning the phone off and then on allowed the apps to load and refresh. Thank you.

I just figured it out. Delete the fricking hung apps and download them again. Might have to power cycle phone in between deleting and re-installing. And you lose your settings.

Hung apps at WAITING and greyed out. App store app can open them - but that's the only way. How the French can the APP store not know that the phone OS thinks the App is broken / hung at waiting?

I have a jail broken iPhone 4s and I downloaded a game through linkstore and it downloaded but says it can't install at this time, any help is appreciated


I can't turn my phone off. Help

I can't turn my phone off. Help

I can't believe I fixed this problem I was having with my iPhone 5C -- simple -- close all the open web pages your phone has open.
To do so (in case you don't know..) - open whatever app you use for mobile web browsing, go to the bottom navigation bar, press the navigation history button (the far right button of the 2 pages, one below the other, and you might need to press on your screen to display the navigation bar.) Close all the open windows, and ta da!! This completely worked for me. I went into App Store Updates and all the ones that had been waiting there got connected and updated, I could buy more apps, everything worked once again!!

Thank u!!!!! Finally fixed my phone after a week! I just restarted it! About 3 times lol

I had the same problem, just type in the app name as if you're downloading it for the first time and press download over there.

i cant update my apps on app store


close all open application and restart your phone.. will 100% work!!


Found The Solution for issue w Multiple apps not installing! when all other strategies failed.. (Rebooting/Updating IOS/ looking for stuck app) try this:

- go to App Store on your phone
- go to Updates
- click Purchased (top of screen)
- quickly select all the programs u want to start loading now

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In this case you have to first remove account from iTunes & App Store, close all open apps... after that just reset network settings. If still stuck when you try to download again, just reset it pressing both buttons and it will probably start downloading.

Thanks. Worked straight away.