My iPhone ring/silent switch is stuck on mute, how can I turn on sound?

My iPhone ring/silent switch is stuck on mute, how can I turn on sound?

Some iPhone owners have had their ring/silent switch stop working. In some cases the switch gets stuck on ring, which means that entering silent mode requires special workarounds to fix. In other cases, the switch gets stuck on mute, which means your iPhone will only vibrate or be silent depending on the settings.

There is a fix for a mute button that's stuck on mute. Again, if you need to fix a ring button that won't go silent, check these instructions first. You can regain control of your iPhone and bring back the sound with the following instructions.

The best way to circumvent a broken ring/silent switch is with software. There is a jailbreak app that will allow you to control silent or ring modes without the switch, whether or not it's broken. The app requires that you jailbreak your iPhone and open the Cydia app store.

In Cydia, navigate to Sections -> Utilities or use the search function to find one of the following apps:

For devices running firmware earlier than iOS 4.0, look for Auto Profiles Manager.
Those with newer iPhones should install Auto Silent.

Although this app will cost around $3 as of this writing, it's a small price to pay to bring back ringing functionality to your iPhone. Once installed, you can make your iPhone ring again by following these steps:

1. Run the AutoSilent app
2. Tap Disable iPhone Silent Switch
3. Touch OK to continue

Now you have circumvented your broken hardware switch and the iPhone should have normal sounds restored.

Note: Depending on whether or not your switch is stuck in mute or ring mode, enabling or disabling the hardware switch with Auto Silent will toggle the sound on your iPhone!


hi iphone users i have had the same problem with the no sound issue i have a little tweek that will gain all sound back on any iphone it worked for me heres what to do if it works for you let me no because ino its a nightmare having a phone with no sound 1st thing go to settings general accessibility scroll down assistive touch click it on when you get the white dot click on it you will have 4icons click on the device 1 you will then see volume up and down and also have little bell make sure volume is up and the bell is not muted there you quick fix for sound also you dont have to keep the assistive on you can then turn it off you will have all sounds incoming call the lot enjoy hope it helps

it worked for me thanks because i refuse to pay $3 for an app just to fix this problem, i know there had to be a simple solution.

Man! You rock the smart phone world! So simple...let silence ring! Yay!!!!!!

You could also use the Assistive touch (within settings), you can switch the mute on and off, when your switch is broken.

Try to google assistive touch, and learn how it works, it's a free thing allready installed on your Iphone :)

Hope this helps

Cheers this works ,no problem ,nice and simple fix .

That trick to get my ring back on my iPhone6 worked like a charm. Now I will not be missing any important calls. Thanks soo much for that info.

Worked for me too great tip thanks

Worked like a charm!

thnks you so much yo save me life

jodray, you're the hero of the day! Smarter than the average Apple tech too :-) Haven't found this great workaround for a broken volume switch anywhere on the web. Who would have thought? A built in switch override!!

Thanks a million!

Thanks so much!! It worked for me also.. after 2 days of a very silent phone that was driving me nuts!!! but.. very strange... on mine it works the other way around... it sounds when the bell is muted (crossed by the line..).. but it works!!!! Again thanks.... I am waiting an important call!!!

YAY! For me too, with the bell silenced in works!

This just worked for me too (bell crossed gave me sound) and I am so grateful! Having a seller phone has been driving me crazy! Thanks!!!!!

Thanks so much, my phone also worked with the the line across the bell. U saved me a lot of frustration.

Amazing!!! Worked the same way for me too...with the bell on mute. Finally have my phone back on ringer. Thanks for this tip.

That didn't work for me. What I had to do was smack it against a hard surface a couple times on the side that the button is on. It's just a loose connection and it just needs to be knocked back into place. I haven't had a single problem with it since.

Nice one! My options were Jailbreak, buy the ribbon cable ffrom China and wait 20 days, or buy it from Ifixit for $20. Your fix worked for me and saved me all the trouble.


You rock my world!! Was gonna jail break my phone to fix it but didn't really want to, so decided to get a new one on a new plan. U just saved me the cash! Thanks :)

Hey how to unlock jailbreak iphone 4s pleace hlp me

It's REALLY working!
Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much it work

Wow! This is fantastic, thanks!!

You just saved me much time and money, big thanks!

Nice work !! thanks man !!

Thank you, have sat here 2 hours searching the web for a solution and yours worked perfectly!

I got so excited when i saw how many people this worked for..........unfortunately it didnt do a thing for me, having the bell muted or unmuted didnt make a difference, all I have is vibration function on my phone....

Thank you, have sat here for 2hrs today and abt an hour last night
searching the web for a solution and yours worked perfectly! Thank uuuu

great advice - never would have found this - thanks

Thanks alot Boss,i was feared to what to regarding my silent switch,
it worked for me alot.

I've had my iphone for a couple of weeks now, had it off a mate cus she just couldn't get to grips with it, and although it came without instructions I took to it like a duck to water within half an hour I'd put my music on, downloaded a few apps, loaded pictures and knew it like the back of my hand it was piss easy!
Except last couple of days it's stopped ringing and I keep missing my text messages, then I found this article and YES it's ringing again!!! Never has a car horn sounded so musical, so thank you whoever you are you are a GENIUS! :)