GUI Version of Free iPhone Unlock Software Now Available

Though still an early beta, a GUI version of the iUnlock software is now available. Released yesterday, the iUnlock software provides a completely free Apple iPhone software unlock solution comparable to pay solution such as iPhoneSIMFree which can cost upwards of $100. This latest GUI version,, greatly simplifies the original iUnlock process.

gui iphone iunlock

With, the steps to unlock the iPhone have been reduced from around 20 steps to 3. Using

the GUI version, the process appears to be as simple as

  1. jailbreak iPhone using packages such as iBrickr, or a more manual approach
  2. install
  3. run

Once running, the process takes about 20 minutes to complete, after which your iPhone is unlocked. The developer of has also stated that an upcoming version of will shorten the unlock process to around 3-5 minutes. is described as "buggy" at this point, but early response indicates that it is working perfectly fine for most people. For many people, even in an early, buggy state the GUI application will be a more viable option than the more lengthy, technical, manual process.

Full instructions and download links to can be found here.


Has anybody tried this?
Did it work?

no at all.
After that I pluged my sim and >>>>>> incorrect sim......

The easiest software to unlock your iPhone is

It works and it is free.

*thumbs up*