How can I find a missing iTunes icon on the iPhone?

How can I find a missing iTunes icon on the iPhone?

You may have noticed that your iTunes icon is missing. There are several reasons why this may have happened. To get your missing iTunes icon back on your iPhone home screen try one or all of these fixes:

1. Reset your home screen icon layout. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Home Screen Layout. The iTunes icon should reappear.

2. Access iTunes through Spotlight search. Swipe to the right on your home screen until the Search iPhone dialog box appears. Enter the search term iTunes with the keyboard. The purple iTunes app icon should appear first in the search results. You can run the app by touching the search result.

3. iTunes may be invisible to search if it's restricted. To remove restrictions on iTunes and bring back the app icon, navigate to Settings -> Restrictions -> Enter your Restrictions Passcode -> iTunes -> ON.


I have do every thing but still now i can not find my itunes apps icon. Now what should i do?

That worked! Thank you!

Just installed windows 10 yesterday. Now today I downloaded podcast from my itunes account and closed it and the Icon disappeared. Please make it return

Have iPhone 7 cannot locate iTunes apps icon

Went thru a lot of junk trying to get itunes on phone & finally found this link. Thank you!!!

Works great thank you :)

super worked...thanks

Awesome. Great job for sharing easy trouble shooting instruction. It was fast and easy.

Thank you for this. No idea why I lost my music icons. I reset my phone and it didnt work. But resetting the icons worked.

Thanks, I thought i lost my iTunes forever.

Great... Thanks... I got it

Thanks, #2 worked for me.

I have tried everything to get my iTunes icon back on my home screen and it hasn't come back on what should I do ?

Resetting my home page worked perfectly! Thank you!

The reset worked like a charm! Thanks so much!!

Awesome. Number 3 worked. Thanks

This was more helpful than the person at the Apple Store! Thanks!

I am missing the MUSIC icon where all of my music is stored. I have the itunes icon but not the MUSIC icon. I have done the reset and that did not help. I have done a search and it is not there.

Me too! Following this thread - looking for help!

I called apple for help...use number 2, type music (not itunes), app came right up for new download...hope this helps :)

Absolutely! Yes...just go the finder window (swiping right) and type music... Worked like a charm! Thank you!

Typing "music" instead of "iTunes" in the search did the trick for me!

good advice

The Podcast icon vanished from my iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2. The podcasts it contained remained on the phone, but out of sight and hard to access. I used the "Reset Home Screen Layout" approach and it worked on the first try. None of my apps or the icons were lost, although they had all been reshuffled to the original arrangement. That was easy to fix. Thank you!

Oh my gosh... this was the best and most accurate answer. It worked so well. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I did everything, it's still invisible. It doesn't even appear on "restrictions". What should i do? I really want it please answer me asap.

Yes same here. Tried everything and I keep getting apple music which wants to charge me a monthly fee, I just want my iTunes back. I have it on my iPad?

These steps didn't work for me. I ended up turning on Siri and asking her to play some music. Turns out I did not have the Music App on my phone and she took me to the app store so I just had to click on a button. Worked fine after that. I was looking for iTunes app but should have been looking for Music app.

Great tip in redownloading the app. Totally worked. None of the other options listed above worked.


thank you !!!!!