How do I make Siri louder / change Siri's volume?

How do I make Siri louder / change Siri's volume?

If you've been poring through the iPhone's settings app looking for control of Siri's volume, only to discover it isn't there, don't worry. The answer isn't that you can't adjust Siri's volume, you can. You just can't make Siri louder or quieter through the settings app.

To change Siri's volume, simply do the following:

1) activate Siri (press and hold the home button)
2) use the volume control buttons on the side of your iPhone



Thank you for the information Siri was loud at 5:37 this morning when I used her. Very helpful

What if your plus button doesn't work on the side? Is there another way I can possibly raise siris volume?

Ever since I updated to 9.1 and 9.2 I cannot hear Siri at all? I've tried activating Siri's volume changing her US English voice to British and Australian and nothing is working - it's driving me crazy! Please help. I've also tried lowering Siri's volume all the way down then turning it all the way back up and nothing.

I have no voice for Siri or for map directions since my last update. I am frustrated with Apple iPhone

Wouldn't it be crazy not to have an I-phone/I-anything or anything besides a laptop for school use only? Well that's my situation and I am going off task to do this right now.

I tried that and it did not work

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I got a new iPhone 6 Plus under insurance scheme and Siri was a whisper now thanks to you I have full volume by using the method you suggested. Thank you so much

Shouldn't you be able to ask Siri to raise or lower her voice? It is very frustrating if you are driving and have to push buttons to control the volume!

The Up volume button on the side of my phone doesn't work. I don't know how to fix it but I can't make Siri or my microphone any louder without it apparently. I can't find it in settings. Please help do you have any advice?

Restore as new?

Thanks--worked for me also!

Worked first time. Easiest nstructions i have ever seen..thanks

THANK YOU! For over a year I’ve been fighting with this! WHY DOESN'T APPLE HAVE THIS AS A TIP!!!! SOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!