Apple HomeKit coming to IKEA smart lighting

IKEA TRADFRI home smart

IKEA plans to add Apple HomeKit capabilities to its line of smart lighting known as TRÅDFRI this summer. The firmware update will bring smart home technology within reach of even more people across the globe, thanks to the relatively affordable options IKEA provides. According to the press release, IKEA will soon make its $80 TRÅDFRI gateway kit compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as Apple HomeKit.

With no wiring and no electrician needed, the complete line of TRÅDFRI smart lighting is easy to install in any existing light socket. In fact, one remote control can operate up to 10 different wireless LED lights. Brightness level and warmth can be adjusted depending on the desired ambiance in each room.

Motion sensor kits, dimming kits, bulbs for a variety of sockets, and even lighting panels can be used with the system. The TRÅDFRI gateway operates with the TRÅDFRI app, which is available for iOS 8 or later on the App Store. With the addition of HomeKit compatibility, the TRÅDFRI system can be integrated with other accessories such as thermostats, blinds, ceiling fans and more.

IKEA plans to expand its Home Smart product line, as the company sees "huge potential in the market". Since launching Home Smart by introducing wireless charging solutions for mobile phones, IKEA plans to expand the connected product line beyond lighting with future offerings.