Siri delivers answers to COVID-19 questions

Siri Coronavirus information

Apple has updated the Siri voice assistant with information about COVID-19 from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and US Public Health Service. Asking Siri a question such as "Do I have coronavirus?", or saying "I'm feeling sick today" prompts Siri to begin a triage process. Through a series of questions, Siri helps to determine an appropriate course of action. In severe cases, Siri will ask to call 911 for emergency medical help.

Siri begins by explaining "If you're worried you might have coronavirus (COVID-19), a few questions can help you understand your situation. Ready to begin?" Once the user responds yes, Siri proceeds to ask if the user has a fever, dry cough, or trouble breathing. If so, then further questions determine if the symptoms are severe and use CDC guidelines to recommend appropriate action.

Siri COVID-19 triage

Depending on a person's responses, Siri may ask if a person without symptoms was exposed to others testing positive for COVID-19. This would prompt Siri to recommend self isolation and monitoring for the onset of symptoms. Those with preexisting medical conditions or anyone over the age of 65 may be at higher risk of complications from a coronavirus infection.

For those without a medically dangerous situation, Siri offers a link to the CDC's official COVID-19 information center. Siri may also direct users to the App Store, which offers apps for tracking coronavirus and other resources. Currently, Siri will only deliver answers to COVID-19 questions in the US. It's not clear whether Apple plans to bring the coronavirus symptoms quiz to other countries.

Siri's COVID-19 features are also available on the Apple HomePod.