Can I opt out of iCloud?

Can I opt out of iCloud?

Yes. Nothing requires you to use Apple's iCloud service with your iOS device or Mac computers. When restoring your iPhone to iOS 5 you will be prompted with the screen below. The iCloud opt out simply requires choosing the Don't Use iCloud button during the setup process.

opt out of iCloud iPhone restore iOS 5

Alternatively, you can access and control iCloud settings at any time by following these instructions:

1. Navigate to Settings -> iCloud
2. Switch OFF the features you wish to stop syncing with iCloud and your other Apple devices
3. To turn off backups navigate to Settings -> iCloud -> Storage & Backup -> iCloud Backup -> OFF
4. You can delete your account entirely under Settings -> iCloud -> Delete Account

Just because you don't wish to use iCloud doesn't mean you can't sync in the traditional way with iTunes on your computer. All of your contacts, calendars, backups and other files will be saved locally without being uploaded to iCloud.


I have an iPhone 4 which has become bricked by constant iCloud update requests. I have read the steps 1-4 above and there is no Delete Account option available - thanks for the nonadvice! Also, I have foolishly followed the Apple instructions to turn these alerts only to find myself holding down buttons to no effect. I am sick to death of iCloud bullshit and want this off my phone and off my computer.

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Hi All,
I did not turn off iClouds on my iPhone 6 plus to backup some of my stuff, but did I turn off Contacts and Notes individually because sometimes some of my contacts messed..leaving phone numbers only without's annoying because number without names you don't know who owns them in your contact.

I hate iCloud and so does everyone I know, it's just a big cluster fuck. Omg! It went to iCloud its there to haunt you forever, Apple just assumes we are to stupid to know what we want and don't want so once it in iCloud it's PERMANENT. HEY! Apple guess what I know what I want to get rid of, I think it's BS. They just want your I drive to eventually get full so you'll have to pay. The crap about helping keep people form accidentally deleting stuff they want ... l call bull shit! Really it's a hard drive make a a trash can on it just like pretty much every other OS in the world, if you can't figure out in 30 days if you wanted it or not, well then it really must not be that important. Oh screw you on it saves space, guess what I payed more $$ for the bigger devices (iPad & iPhone) so I can store more things ( gee I would think that's why they make bigger ones ) why? Well because I go to a lot of rural place that have no service, so what good does haveing my music on the cloud do me, oh wait THATS
WHY IG GOT BIGGER DEVICES... much more that the free space on iCloud anyway. So stop pushing that crap on us that don't want it,period!

Settings -> iCloud -> Delete Account
This path does not exist on my phone.

i don't live in the cloud so why make me a part of that garbage.

apple and itunes have not improved

Hate hate hate iCloud. I even "upgraded" which made everything worse so I downgraded again within days. Today I tried to access Preferences on my MacBook Air and I had to go through some stupid dog and pony iCloud show just to get to my preferences to do a damn document scan from my printer. UGH. And iCloud makes it so hard to manage your storage - you have no idea exactly what to do. They must make it hard on purpose. They could at least manage a free phone help line.