Apple Releases iTunes 7.4.2, Breaks Free Ringtones Again

Apple released iTunes 7.4.2 earlier today, officially geared towards addressing an "issue with creating ringtones using iTunes Plus song purchases and includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance," according to Apple's release notes. For many users, however, the update seems to have made matters worse.

Users employing a variety of methods, including the MakeiPhoneRingtone software utility, which have allowed users to turn MP3 tracks into free iPhone ringtones via some file rename tricks are now finding these methods ineffective. In addition, ringtones previously created using this method are seemingly now being ignored by iTunes and will be lost on individual iPhones the next time they are synced.

To make matters worse, users are reporting problems with 7.4.2 and the creation of ringtones from song purchases made through the iTunes store. According to an iPhoneAtlas reader, many songs which were previously available for conversion to ringtones via iTunes are now unavailable. Whether or not this is an intentional change by Apple is still unclear.

Several reports indicate that Ambrosia software's iToner, which had ceased to work with the last two versions of iTunes, is once again useable under iTunes 7.4.2.


If you are annoyed that you can't use your own ringtones (songs, sounds or previously purchased ones) then sign this petition to Apple:

Free the iPhone!

i am a big apple fan. i have 3 apple computers at home. i been waiting for the iphone .when i finally got it i was thrilled. I am impressed with apple products but find it frustrating that i am unable to upload my own ringtones. or use music that i have legally downloaded to be made into a ringtone.

I use iToner to get ringtones on my iPhone and have had no problems whatsoever. Try it.

for all the mac users out there there is an easy way to make FREE ringtones without hacking your phone and it is all legal and legit.

1. Import the song (full song) that you want to make a ringtone of into garageband.
2. Edit it so it only has the bit that you want for the ringtone.
3. Go to the share menu and click export ringtone to itunes
4. it will say you have to add a loop so just drag the yellow bar at the top over the part where you the ringtone to be and repeat
5. click on export ringtone to itunes again, and guess what, the ringtone is in itunes.

however to put the song into garageband the song cannot be drm protected

I use iToner too. It works for me all the time...

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