How can I stop iPhoto from running every time I connect my iPhone?

How can I stop iPhoto from running every time I connect my iPhone?

You're syncing your iPhone with iTunes on a Mac. All of the sudden, iPhoto opens. You plug the iPhone into your MacBook and look, there's iPhoto again. How can you stop this behavior?

Here's how:

1. Run iPhoto (or connect your iPhone to the Mac and let it run automatically one last time).
2. Choose "iPhoto" -> "Preferences" from the top menu.
3. The "General" tab should be selected. If not then select it now.
4. At the bottom of the window change the pulldown menu "Connecting camera opens:" from "iPhoto" to "No application."
5. Close the preferences window.

Now when you actually want to sync your iPhone camera roll to iPhoto you can manually open iPhoto after connecting your iPhone to the computer.


THANK YOUUUUUU... I hated that so much. If I want to see my photos i'll open iPhoto. Now onto getting iTunes to do the same.

Why doesn't the "no application" work for me work for me? I have that on my preferences and it still downloads my photos every time.

Thx for a tip! hated so much this iphoto launched all the time iphone was set to charge

I tried this, but my 'General' preferences menu has no such pull down. My iphoto version is 6.06. is this too old? So iPhoto still boots up when I plug my iphone into my Imac.

Same experience, but if you open iPhoto then click on the Import tab at the top of it's main window you see a dropdown with a list of devices it knows about and a check box next to it saying something about opening iphoto for this device, uncheck it.

Oops, I'm on El Capitan and the app now seems to be called just Photos (V 1.3)

You are a life safer. The bloody thing was making me mental. Thank you so much.

Thank you - Thank you - Thank youYou have saved my sanity, AND many many minutes/hours...

Thank you :-D