How do I change my Snapchat phone number?

How do I change my Snapchat phone number?

The phone number associated with your Snapchat account can be changed. New Snapchat accounts can also be created without entering a phone number at all.

To change the phone number associated with an existing Snapchat account:

1. Open the Snapchat app, login and tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner.

change Snapchat phone number
2. Tap Mobile # under My Account.
3. Enter a different mobile number in the text field.
4. Tap the Verify button to send an SMS message and verify the new number.
5. Follow the instructions in the text message you receive from Snapchat to finish verifying the new phone number.
change Snapchat phone number2

Note that iPhone users must enable SMS for this to work. Navigate to Settings -> Messages -> Send as SMS -> ON (green slider).


How can I change my number if I cannot log in? I moved to a different country and I can't receive the verification code :( what can I do? I contacted Google support already

I have changed phone and phone number, and when i tried to login to my account on the new phone, it sys it is a new device and a verification code will be sent to my old number. I can't check my verification code and therefore cannot access and login to my account. What do i do?
Please help.

How can I change my number when I cannot log into Snapchat at all.

How can I change my number when I cannot log into Snapchat at all.

I cannot read the comments on you're guys posts but I am having the same problem I changed my number and can't log in how can I log on and change my number?

How do I change my phone number on my Snapchat account if it wont let me log in?? I got a new phone number and my other number is no longer in uses.

Im having the same issue. Where you able to solve it??

Om having the dame probleem, van domeinen help me. I dont want to make à mee snapchat

i can i change it if i cant log in?? i lost that phone and changed my number

I got a new phone an new number an I can't log in so I hit for got password an it's keep sending the info to a number I don't have no more help me plz...

Hi ok so my phone won't let me login cause I need a verification code because my old phone is broken and it says I'm on a new device so what do I do?

So, I have an snapchat account and I had to make a new one and my phone was cut off, I also had a verification code on it. So, is there a way I can get a verification code sent to my email instead of my phone.

we all have the same question but no one is answering it !

Noones answering the question :/ if anyone knows how to recover wn account just post it why so stingy

Hi, how can I get back into my snap chat I just got a new phone . My number has change and I know my username and password but only I need to change to new number

I got the same issue :( so what we can do to solve it

Snapchat isn't letting me verify my number it says it's already verified to a different account how do it fix that?

My fone has been stolen and I can't log into my account,the verification has been sent to my old fone

My fone has been stolen and I can't verify my account with my new fone

I can't log into my snapchat it is asking for a verifation Code but I changed my number and it is sending it to my old number

I can't login into my snapchat my phone got lost so I can't login

I've changed my phone number and can't get logged in again!!! Fuming!!!

I'm having this same annoying exact problem. In their next update I wish they would give us the OPTION to have verification code sent to our EMAIL as well since it seems like quite a lot of people can't get their verification code because they changed phone numbers/New phone. I hope they tweak the verification process and add email option. Isn't that the point to have an email too for security reasons!

Changed my number be I got a new phone and I can't log in just like a lot of people have the same issue, I've tried everything and at one point it even said that I could enter the recovery code if I lost my phone or changed numbers when I clicked forgot my password hoping that would work, but how am I suppose to do that if it's being sent to my old phone number! Snapchat has my email! I've entered it in, so why can't it be sent to my email as well!? You no, so I can actually login! That would b nice.

Why does my number show up from contact lists after i have already deleted the app?

I changed my number and Snapchat will not let me log in. It is sending the Verification code to my old phone.

Hi I got a new phone and am trying to access my snapchat account but it doesn't have my new number associated with it and I can't remember what email I used with it

Is anyone anseering the question of how to log on to your snapchat from a new number? Im having this issue as well

I recent just got my number changed my snap chat is associated with my old phone number I cant get to it unless I put my code in that come to my phone is there anyway yall could help me get in my snap chat

I had to change my password on my sc account but then i had to change it again through my e-mail both times but then the passwords that i entered were wrong so i made a new account on a different phone with a different number but still used the same e-mail, so now i have to start over and i still want to retrieve my old sc account but it wont let me.....Please help!!!!