How do I block/mute a news source in the Apple News app?

How do I delete a news source in Apple News?

Even after you set up and customize your Apple News app it still may serve you articles from sources you do not want to read. You can easily mute these sources by tapping an article in your news feed and swiping up. This will open a menu screen with the options Like, Save, Share Story, Mute Channel. Just tap the Mute Channel panel and stories from that source will no longer appear in your For You or topic feeds.

Mute Source Apple News


Error: You can easily mute these sources by tapping an article in your news feed and swiping up.

Correction: You can easily mute these sources by tapping an article in your news feed and swiping to the RIGHT.

Thank you so much for this information on muting a channel. Thanks to you, I will hopefully never read another misinformation propaganda article from Fox News writers or at least I won't be bombarded with their nonsense on a daily basis. Obviously, the Fox news writers are all in bed with Trump who is suffering from Histrionic Personality Disorder. While I know this country is not a true democracy, I also know that this country is not an authoritarian dictatorship. Trump says, "Study the world." Little does he realize that he is blind to most of the beauty in this world, the beauty that makes humanity and America great.

Amen, my brother. :)
Fox Spews Fake News.
So glad I just figured out how to mute the channel!

Oh be quite and go get your $9 startbucks latte and attend a gay pride parade afterward.

OK, finally I figured this out.
You don't TAP before you swipe. You just swipe the article to the right in your feed and voila!
No more garbage from Fox News!

Thanks for the info ... CNN , counterfeit news network and all liberal news garbage out of my life !!!!

Muting the channel does not work.

I'm still getting Fox News in my feed.

Has anybody noticed that Apple is getting more and more Windows-like in its overall competence level?

open the news app. Hit the bell in the upper left corner. Remove Fox from your favorites. For me the fox was STILL listed in my favorites......has to do with Editors Picks. If it is still listed tap the Fox icon. At the top right you will see a heart and a heart with a slash through it. Hit the later, and a box will come up saying " if you dislike Fox we'll stop showing it to you". Hit dislike, and you are done. I too am fed up with all the propaganda and slop served up in an attempt to brainwash the public. Did Trump buy that channel or what?????

Thank you, I can now delete all the "Fake News" outlets like CNN who are nothing more than propaganda for the Democratic party. Perpetuating lies and misinformation and promoting violence which is so prevalent on the left.

you poor poor brainwashed rly believe all the lies Fox News tell you huh. How sad; people like you literally deny truth and fact in favor of your own delusions

Same could be said for you my friend.

Noone was delerious when they where looting innocent merchant owners store fronts and all Obama and the democratic party had to say is "we know your frustrated" oh OK THAT EXPLAINS why the man took $1500 in new nikes hes "frustrated". I'd say you all are the delirious ones

Also, you can report a problem if you find any articles mislabeled in your feed by swiping right. For example, I found a bunch of Fox News articles showing up outside the opinion sections so I think they have a bug in the way they're tagging the articles. If you come across one of these, just swipe right, click the grey report button, select a reason, and the app will prompt you for an description of the problem.

You may have a hard time selecting a reason because you can only select one reason and there are several options that may apply, including "It's offensive," "It's hate speech," and "It's threatening or it encourages criminal behavior." Just pick whichever one you feel the most strongly about, our pick "something else" and you can always explain everything that is wrong with fox news in the explanation box. Better yet, explain why it is not news and does not belong in the app, or suggest creating a "make-believe" category to tag Fox News articles and the like with.