How can I fix a broken ring/silent switch on the iPhone?

How can I fix a broken ring/silent switch on the iPhone?

Sometimes the ring/silent switch on the side of the iPhone starts malfunctioning. When this iPhone mute button no longer works, you may think the device is set to silent but then it rings at the worst time possible. How can you fix this broken switch?

First of all, if your iPhone is covered under warranty or Apple Care, take the device to Apple for service. You can check the current warranty status of your iPhone online.

Without coverage from Apple, you are faced with a large bill or a difficult physical repair. Instructions can be found online, but they involve following 46 intricate steps to take apart and reassemble your device. Here are some suggested workarounds to replace the ring/silent switch without turning off your iPhone:

1. Turn on Airplane Mode. Calls will go straight to voicemail, but at least you can still use Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode. Receipt of texts will be delayed until Airplane Mode is turned off. Navigate to Settings -> Airplane Mode -> ON.

2. Turn down the ringer volume. Although not ideal, if your iPhone is in a bag it might be quiet enough. Taking the volume down to one notch (the minimum) will quiet down the sound considerably.

3. Use the built-in virtual Mute button to silence the device. With iOS 7 installed, check these instructions on how to enable the Mute button using AssistiveTouch.

4. Temporarily silence your incoming calls by setting a silent ringtone on your iPhone as the default. You can easily add a silent ringtone to your iPhone with iTunes. Navigate to Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone.

5. Silence incoming text messages and other alerts. Navigate to Settings -> Sounds -> Text Tone -> None. Other alerts such as New Voicemail, New Mail, and Calendar Alerts can be individually toggled on and off from the menu at Settings -> Sounds.

6. If your iPhone is jailbroken, you can install the tweak TapVolumeToMute.

7. Last but not least, another jailbreak option is to install the utility Auto Silent. Although it costs $3 you can completely circumvent and control the broken hardware ring/silent switch with this app.

Although none of these fixes are as convenient or easy as a functional ring/silent switch, they might be preferable to an embarrassing unexpected ring.

If you are looking for the opposite fix, because your iPhone is stuck on mute and won't ring, then follow this link for instructions on how to turn the sound back on with a broken ring/silent switch.


This problem just happened to me. There is a free way to fix it WITHOUT A JAILBREAK! After some research. Settings>General>Accessibility>TripleClickHome>AssistiveTouch>On Then VOILA! click the glowing button in the top left of the screen and select phone then you have a chance to mute/unmute.

Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much , you saved my phone after hours of searching you the only one that made sense and actually worked!!!!

What glowing button I can't see one ?

steps under IOS 7 on a 4s:
1. Settings
2. General
3. Accessibility
4. Assistive touch -->on
6. Tap circle
7. Choose "device"
8. Choose "mute"

I just tried this in my phone thankyou very much as it goes straight to mute by switching the volume right down and then back up again once you want it on normal

Thank you so much!!!! Mine has been broken for a couple years. This is truly amazing and thank you for sharing such an easy fix.

@rob cud u plz help me by stating the same thing step by step? I kinda need to fix it rlly bad ,.. Thanx


Thank you very, very much. It works great!

This helped a lot thanks so much!

Thank you this helped me! Awesome job!!!!

This is brilliant and has fixed my iPhone. Thank you so much!

You're great! Thank you so much.

Thanks for the solution,it worked for me

How Can I make the glowing ball go away?

This fix worked. Thanks. It appears this is a common issue with iPhone7+.

I tried all the suggetions, to no avail.
I floosed, I googled and I sorted advise from friends and family, all to no avail.
In my frustration, ( which only an Apple device, can awaken).
I threw the phone at the nearest wall.
My reasoning for this was, if I have a phone that does not ring, what is the point.?

Well well. It is now working perfectly.

What have you got to loose???

Rob you complete legend thank you very much

If you're running a Jailbreak one, try 360 Battery Saver, as it has a nice panel of shortcuts

Try this. Hope this helps.

How To Fix The Ringer On An iPhone Quick And Easy

Try this. Hope this helps.

How To Fix The Ringer On An iPhone Quick And Easy

Had same problem – switch would spring back without working, leaving phone in the muted position. I kept pushing the switch on and off (up and down) and, with enough force so that the protruding switch moved fully, it started working and eventually clicked in each position. I kept doing this and now it works perfectly. It stays in whatever position I put it in. I'm guessing there was some small mechanical issue in the case or switch that can be fixed by use.

The SilentAlert app lets you control the ringer if your slide switch is broken