How to install Summerboard on jailbroken 1.1.4

A number of users have reported an inability to install Summerboard after jailbreaking firmware 1.1.4. With Summerboard being one of the most popular third party applications for the iPhone, many iPhone owners will be glad to hear a solution is at hand.

An iPhoneFAQ reader, Cherubsan, sent in the following instructions which allow those running jailbroken 1.1.4 to install Summerboard via As with all instructions related to jailbroken or unlocked iPhones, proceed at your own risk:

1. Add source to sources
2. Refresh sources in Installer
3. Navigate to Tweaks (1.1.4)
4. Install 1.1.4 Summerboard Patch
5. Install Summerboard
6. Uninstall 1.1.4 Summerboard Patch

Reportedly the patch just tells Installer that your firmware version is 1.1.4 instead of 1.1.3 so that Installer will not refuse to install Summerboard. As 1.1.4 is a bugfix release, no known compatibility issues with Summerboard for 1.1.3 are expected.

If you have success or a lackthereof when using this workaround, please post your experiences here.


hi.. i've change the source to e new one.. but i still cannot find e patch.. may i noe where is it? thks

I have added ispazio in my 1.1.4 version iphone but still trying to find summerboard patch in installer i really wanted to install summerboard in my iphone please help me regarding this issue.

The iSpazio patch is now under Tweaks (1.1.4)You can find it there.

Ok. I must be a spaz. I followed the instrucctions to the letter, and when i get to #4 I don't see 1.1.4 Summerboard patch anywhere.
Am i doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot guys worked great for me.

Hi still have the same problem... Did everything but no luck in finding the patch. Any more advice?