How do I pair my Jawbone with the iPhone 4 / iOS4?

How do I pair my Jawbone with the iPhone 4 / iOS4?

If you find yourself wondering why your Jawbone won't pair with your new iPhone 4, or are having problems pairing your Jawbone with your 3GS that you recently upgraded to iOS4, you're not alone.

Here are instructions from Jawbone that are helping most people get paired up again:

1. Start with the headset OFF (slide the power switch to OFF, the position where you cannot see the blue indicator).

2. Press and hold the TALK button

3. Slide the power switch ON.

4. Wait for LED starts to flash red and white.

5. Release the TALK button.

The headset is now in discovery or pairing mode. On your iPhone, go to the Bluetooth settings and search for (or add) Bluetooth devices. When found, select Jawbone ICON. When prompted for a passkey, enter 0000.


Perfect! Worked right away. Thank you!

Thank you SOOO much for posting this! I wish the folks at Jawbone listed this solution in their manual because the others ones didn't work for me. Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very useful! It works straight away. Thank you:)

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I have an older Jawbone, there is no power switch to slide or blue light. it is the one with the talk button and the NoiseAssassin™ Button that flashes red/white. my iphone 4 is not finding it when it searches. unable to pair them

This worked for me: I didn't have to reset the Jawbone though, just skipped to Part 2. Basically you hold down the noise assassin button in the rear and the talk button on the side at the same time unitl the red and white lights flash.
Part 1: Resetting the Jawbone

Press and hold down the Talk Button on the Jawbone.
Connect the Jawbone to the USB charger cable. (The cable needs to be plugged into an active USB port or to an electrical outlet via the Wall Charger unit.)
Release the Talk Button. (If the reset is successful, the LED Indicator Light should glow red.)
Disconnect the Jawbone from the USB charger cable.
Note: Undertaking the above reset will make your Jawbone forget any existing pairing and therefore you will need to repair it with any devices you want to use it with.

Part 2: Pair the Jawbone with your phone

(I’ve used the iPhone as an example. If you aren’t using an iPhone, follow your manufacturer’s instructions for how to access your mobile’s Bluetooth menus).

For the Original Jawbone, press and hold down the Noise Shield button for at least three seconds until the LED Indicator Light flashes red.

For the New Jawbone, (Jawbone II) press and hold down both the NoiseAssassin™ Button and the Talk Button for at least three seconds until the LED Indicator Light flashes red and white alternately.

From the iPhone Home screen, touch Settings.
Touch General.
Touch Bluetooth.
Turn Bluetooth on. (The iPhone will search for nearby Bluetooth devices.)
Touch Jawbone on the list.
Enter the PIN number “0000″.
Touch Connect.
The Jawbone should now be paired with the iPhone.


thanks works good

i have an older jawbone and cannot slide the power switch it is the one with the NoiseAssassin™ Button. but I have followed the instructions several times and my iPhone 4 is not discovering the jawbone. I had just recently paired it with my husbands iPhone 3 after he passed so I know it works. Not sure why I can't get it to now

Perfect - thank you!

Thanks a lot my iphone5 is paring up now !!

Thanks your instruction worked perfectly.

Thank You so much ! I had the Jawbone Icon for a year and gave up pairing. This finally worked ! Thank You : ]

Thank you!!! Was going crazy trying to figure it out! This worked. Awesome! :)

I have been at this for a long time. Finally figured out I had to download and update. That worked. I have the black "J" in my menu. But my iPhone 4S is not recognizing the headset, even though I have been using both fine until I charged the headset. Please help!!

I'm hoping that by now, you figured something out. My ear piece broke and I tossed the Jawbone in a drawer and forgot about it until now that it is a law in my state that you must have a hands-free headset to talk on the phone in a car. So.....I'm trying to use the Jawbone with the new ear piece and my iPhone 4S and it just keeps searching - no discovering. Googled the issue and this page came up. I have the old Jawbone with the assassin and talk button only (bought it in 2008).

I had to first give it a full charge using the charger plugged into a USB port on my computer. I made sure the bluetooth setting was turned on in Settings. Then I followed the instructions for the older model that I have.

I had to read the instructions twice to get the hang of it, but the second set of instructions do work. I didn't have to download or update anything nor did I have to enter in the password. The phone finally recognized it. I made some phone calls, adjusted my volume, asked Siri to text and call certain numbers without any problem.

Thanks to the person who wrote these instructions! Now I will not be breaking the law.

my iphone 4s will not let me talk on the phone....and when i answer they cant hear me, I have tried the hard reset, checked all the settings?????? any thoughts. shoot me a email..... the texting and apps all work fine.

worked perfectly for iPhone 5 as well. Thank you!!!

Thanks....Perfect instructions.

great instruction n help me a lot

Thank you for your simple and successful steps. You must be a teacher!


I have an iPhone 4S.
I had searched all forums, but you are the only one that has given me a resolution.
I have a Jambox Mini & all I needed to do was hold in the power button until it turned red.
Many thanks!!!!

Thank you sooooooooooo much!

It worked right away. thank you very much

Your rock! Thanks been having a hell of a time since I rebooted my phone~!