Where can I download iOS 7 wallpaper backgrounds?

Where can I download iOS 7 wallpaper backgrounds?

Now that Apple has revealed iOS 7 many iPhone fans are waiting for the update to launch. There are at least four new wallpapers included with iOS 7.

Two wallpapers are dynamic, which means they will be animated in iOS 7 on the home or lock screens. The other two are standard wallpapers. For now, you can install still versions of the dynamic wallpapers on iOS 6.

Here are some places where the iOS 7 wallpapers can be downloaded to your device. After they are saved to the Camera Roll, select your favorite under Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper -> Wallpaper -> Camera Roll.

iClarified iOS 7 Wallpaper Backgrounds

PandaApp iOS 7 Wallpaper Backgrounds

AppleFanSite iOS 7 Wallpaper Backgrounds



If you are looking for panoramic wallpapers and photos that would be one of the new "hot" things on iOS7 I would recommend www.iphonepanoramawallpaper.com