New iOS Devices Get iWork and iLife Apps Free

Apple is sweetening the deal for anyone who buys a new iOS device this fall. Starting on September 1st, the company started offering five of its paid apps free to anyone purchasing a new, iOS 7 compatible device. Free titles from the iWork suite include Pages, Numbers and Keynote, while the iLife apps iPhoto and iMovie are part of the deal.

iLife iOS iWork free

Overall, the promotion by Apple will save those picking up a new iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a cool $39.95 when compared to the App Store purchase price. Of course, the more people use iWork and iLife apps on iOS devices, the more likely they are to seek out the desktop version, which runs on OS X. When it comes to productivity, iWork competes with Microsoft Office, while iPhoto and iMovie are geared more towards creativity.

Pages is a word processor, Numbers does spreadsheets, and Keynote is for presentations. iPhoto makes it possible to organize, view, edit and share photos, and iMovie is designed as a full-featured video editing application with built-in sharing and AirPlay functionality. The key to all of the iOS versions of iWork and iLife apps is that Apple has specifically designed these apps to take full advantage of iOS Multi-Touch gestures.

The official free app deal from Apple:

iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers are free on the App Store for qualifying iOS 7 compatible devices activated as of September 1, 2013. See for iOS 7 compatible devices. Downloading apps requires an Apple ID.


What about people upgrading to iOS 7 (with existing devices). If iOS 7 boots up and offers this, how would it know if it's running on an existing device or a new device unless it detects it's not running on a iPhone 5c or 5s. They say any new device, so that should include the current iPads.

I assume this don't include an iPad purchased after sept. 1st?..disappointed to have just paid for all these app's

Will this work?

I buy the cheapest iPod touch 16GB w/o camera, activate it today (20/09/2013) and update to iOS 7.

no... the old ipod touch does not support ios 7.