How to Fix Notification Center Weather After Jailbreaking iOS 7

In some cases Notification Center stops working properly after jailbreaking iOS 7 with evasi0n. Items in the Today view might disappear, including the current weather which normally appears when Notification Center is displayed. The good news is there's an easy fix to correct the problem.

fix weather in notification center iOS 7

If you've noticed the Today tab in Notification Center is blank, follow these steps to bring weather back after jailbreaking. First, make sure the Notification Center settings are configured properly to display the weather widget. If current weather information is still missing after checking these settings, perform the fix on your jailbroken device.

One file must be renamed in the iOS 7 filesystem, then a respring or reboot will bring back the Today view. The easiest way to rename the file is by using the jailbreak app iFile. The full path of the file that must be renamed is here:


fix weather in notification center iOS 7 two
If you have iFile installed on your iOS 7 device, follow these steps:

1. Open iFile
2. Tap the home icon at the bottom of the screen
3. Navigate to Library -> BulletinBoard
4. Tap the (i) button next to SectionInfo.plist
5. Tap SectionInfo.plist in the Name section
6. Rename the file, adding .bak to the end of the filename
7. Tap Done
8. Exit iFile and respring or reboot your device

fix weather in notification center iOS 7 three

When iOS 7 returns, open the Notification Center, and you should see current weather along with other information in the Today view has been restored.

For those without iFile, the file can be renamed from the command line using SSH. Follow these steps to access the file on your iPhone:

1. SSH into your device from a computer. For instructions on how to SSH to the iPhone click here.
2. To switch directories, enter the following command at the prompt:

cd /var/mobile/Library/BulletinBoard

3. Then rename the file with this command:

mv SectionInfo.plist SectionInfo.plist.bak

4. Respring or reboot your device

Weather in the Notification Center will be restored, along with other items in the Today view that are configured under Settings -> Notification Center.


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