Possible Apple iPhone Nano Plans Discovered

iphone_nano_drawings.jpgThere's still plenty of speculation and rumors floating around the yet to be released Apple iPhone, but that never stops more from surfacing. Though this latest report about a "nano" version of the Apple iPhone may not be a rumor, we're also not sure if a publically available US Patent Office document qualifies as a "leaked" plan (as many are calling it), either.

The document without questions detail Apple's plans for a nano sized telephone device with display on the front which is not a touch screen, and a "back side interface" which is touch and force sensitive, allowing for one hand control of the device. As the document describes, due to the size of the device - a touch screen interface on the front of the device would result in visual obstruction reducing the effectiveness of the display.

The document also details the use of translucency to allow the presentation of multiple control interfaces using the small screen real estate. Using varying opacity, the user can interact with one control mechanism (i.e. a numeric keypad or keyboard) while retaining partial visibility of information available via other interfaces on the device.

Whatever the new patent and plans point to, it is certain that the new device features a unique interface which differs greatly from the two-fingered front-side touch screen interface found on the upcoming iPhone.

US Patent Office application here.



Very futuristic interface ideas. I'd love to see this in production soon.

I don't think I'd want a nano iPhone, but I'd love to play with the interface.

Well, I always assumed a nano or mini iPhone would be in the works. This certainly helps answer my questions about how to fit what they needed on a tiny screen.

Very interesting.