iPhone's Apple Logo Will Survive the Droid Launch

The Apple logo on the back of your iPhone now has competition. Next week it will be possible to carry around a mobile device with three corporate logos!

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Verizon, Motorola and Google each get their own billboard space on the Droid, scheduled for release next week. In a brazen act of branding, two of these logos (Verizon and Motorola) actually appear on the front AND back of the Droid.

Will it be enough to make us forget about the lonely Apple gracing the back of our iPhones?

Droid reviews have been mixed. Notice the bonus 5MP logo next to the camera so you don't forget how many megapixels you have. Unfortunately early reviews indicate the focus, speed and quality of the photos are lacking.

In contrast, Droid's higher resolution display looks noticeably better than the iPhone's. The ability to swap out a dead battery is entirely convenient.

Some users think the physical keyboard is an improvement over the iPhone. These people will not mind staring at corporate logos and gold trim as they have no developed sense of aesthetics.

Nothing on the market is nearly as brilliant as a mobile computer with one button (and one corporate logo - on the back).

The Apple iPhone is continuing to impress analysts. Android could be a robust competitor to iPhone OS, but is the Droid really going to be the hardware that lives up to the hype? At least three companies are willing to put their name on it.


This is a really stupid article. It could have been one sentence and would have conveyed exactly the same ideas.

Terrible article..Your mostly saying it won't be as good as the iPhone because of all the logos it has on it..Who really cares about the logos..

Aesthetics matters. Just look back at the clips of the old Tonight Show from the 1950s. The desk where Jack Paar was sitting was festooned with a big corporate ad "Lucky Strike"... it was tacky, silly, distracting. I'd find the same about a phone with Verizon and Motorola emblazoned "everywhere". I dislike that my gophone from AT&T wastes time on start up and shut down with a screen that says AT&T. Excuse me, I know what company I'm with!

But you've missed some other points in the article... the camera issue with the Droid is one I hadn't read about before.

It's amazing to me that people are surprised by what they find in an article titled "iPhone's Apple Logo Will Survive the Droid Launch"! First, you know it's going to be positive about the iPhone. Second, you know it's going to be related to the logo or branding. So, don't bother clicking on the link, skip reading it, or skim it, dislike it, and move along.

Your critiques are not on very mature grounds as shown by calling the writer a "fanboi" (I assume you all mean fan boy! :-) ) You'd have to show a pattern across many articles to prove that--and in any event name calling is no substitute for rational argumentation!

Fanboi tripe...

> Unfortunately early reviews indicate the focus, speed and quality of the photos are lacking.

"More pixels" is great... but as the DROID is showing... it just doesn't always make a camera better.

> Unfortunately early reviews indicate the focus, speed and quality of the photos are lacking.

Adding more and more pixels... doesn't always make a camera better.

Just like a "real keyboard" that is almost totally flat... doesn't make a good keyboard.

And a $300 price tag (before anonying mail-in rebates)... is far more than my brand new $99 iPhone.

The list will grow and grow about all the shortcomings of the Droid.

I'm getting really sick of looking to the internet for information and getting this. A perfect example of Googles faults that this article would be at the top of their "news results". I hope Android doesn't serve us such crap.

If you are going to waist my time with a biased article at least make sure its not fanboy crap. This is exactly why non iphone users hate iphone sheep! You basically just wasted time to say your phone is better because it has 1 logo, well congrats because that and the app store are the only edge the iphone has on the droid.

And the droid don't do spelling correction, the droid don't do data and calls at the same time (the most basic multitasking for a phone), the droid don't do more than 256mb internal storage, the droid don't do video editing the droid don't do a great keyboard (soft or hard), droid don't do a great camera nor a great music player, droid don't do quite a few things, but droid do many logos. Go figure…

Another idiot apple fan-boy
Useless article.............Shame on you! For people like you, just because a device has a fruity symbol on it implies there is no contender out there.

Corporate logos? are you seriously going to compare a phone talking about the logos? I'm willing to bet you work for ATT lol

Laughable argument. Mildly retarded at best. Logos? Esthetic's? Are you serious? The network and the service is what is important to most. You can take the one button and...

Wow, write something positive about iPhone and all the hate starts pouring out especially when it concerned goog. Sad and pathetic.

@Thomas Estilow, keep up the good work, it is very had to see and read fair write up on everything Apple.